MONSTA X’s I.M Reveals A Superb Scheduler For “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M Reveals A Superb Scheduler For “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M unveiled a stunning scheduler marking down the dates leading to the release of his much-awaited solo release!

MONSTA X’s I.M took to the group’s official SNS and revealed an spectacular schedule image that is both aesthetic and exciting.

The neon pink tinted image certainly showcases an intriguing imagery. The picture focuses on I.M’s hand holding an oxygen respirator. Curiosities are amplified as to what mood and message the super talented artist will deliver through the tracks contained in DUALITY.

In an interview recently, the MONSTA X member had given a glimpse into the concept of his upcoming digital album. The rapper had stated that the album would be focusing on the aspect of ‘duality’. “You know it’s okay, but it’s not okay? I can’t smile all the time, but I have to laugh because of my role. I wanted to talk about such contradictory situations and double-mindedness,” I.M explained.


The reveals so far are surely enough to pique the inquisitiveness of fans for what shade of the beloved and bedazzling maknae they will get to see in the upcoming album.

I.M will be furthering excitements as he will be dropping a tantalizing track list on February 10. Valentine’s Day is going to become even more special as the rapper will be dazzling with his glamorous charms in the first concept photo. On February 15, he will be charming with a captivating second concept photo.

To mesmerize fans all over the globe with his ‘fatal’ charisma, I.M will release a music video teaser on February 17.  A supercool sneak peek into the album will come in the form of an awe-inspiring album preview on February 18.


Finally, the day that every Monbebe has eagerly waited for – I.M will be taking breaths away with the release of his digital solo album DUALITY. The album will be unveiled across various music sources on February 19 at 2 PM KST

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