#HBDtoIM : Why MONSTA X’s I.M Is An Iconic Idol

#HBDtoIM : Why MONSTA X’s I.M Is An Iconic Idol

What can MONSTA X’s I.M do? More like, what can’t MONSTA X’s I.M do?

Suave meets swag – all that and more is what I.M embodies. With lethal visuals, stirring vocals, and fiery raps, there is absolutely no doubt that the MONSTA X maknae is as magnetic as he is multitalented!


The rapper has time and again reiterated that he is a visionary musician, having produced and composed some stellar hits for the group, while also impressing with his dazzling demeanor and his beautiful mind as well.

Watch out for this ‘hot, hottish’ main dish!

While he might be the youngest of MONSTA X, I.M has a big personality especially when it comes to performing on stage.

Take, for example, the group’s recent performances of their chart-topping hits “Love Killa” and “BEASTMODE”, each performance saw I.M channel his ferocious energy as he dominated the stage to simply say so.

This is just but a glimpse of what this scene-stealing idol is capable of. If we were to list out every single verse on which I.M has wowed us, the list would be full of MONSTA X’s entire discography.

However, here are some of the instances wherein the rapper has truly set the stage alight with some of his emblazing performances.


It would be nothing short of a crime to talk about I.M’s exceptional rap skills and not mention the iconic performance for “Sambakja” with fellow MONSTA X member Joohoney, now wouldn’t it?

I.M truly emphasized that he is indeed the king of the era, conquering hearts with his regal aura, getting lit on stage with Joohoney as they powerfully roared, “WE GO SAMBAKJA!”

2017 UMF Korea – I.M solo stage

Believe us when we say that I.M rocked that stage like nobody’s business! Performing “Plan B”, the rapper evidently awed attendees and fans with his intense style.

Looking effortlessly cool, the artist had fans gasping for breath with his blistering rap skills as he impressed verse after fiery verse.

Seoul Music Awards 2019 – I.M Possible

For MONSTA X’s I.M nothing is impossible indeed and he certainly showcased the same, and with absolute panache at that, at the Seoul Music Awards in 2019. Making a grand entrance, I.M definitely manifested that if there was a king of rap, he’d be the one wearing the crown.


Oh, the king of rap strikes again and this time, arriving in an open-top car! The MONSTA X member made head turns and with good reason as he came in blazing fierce line after another.

Taking breaths away in his bold look, I.M ensured that all eyes and ears are on him as he commanded the atmosphere with his ferocious energy.

I.M & Jooheon – MONSTER

Get ready to react as I.M and Joohoney unleashed their monster within on stage. While the latter surely had fans and idols grooving to his swaggy style, I.M brought forth this magnificent dynamism with his supercool demeanor.

To say that they went full ‘beastmode’ during this performance would be nothing short of an understatement. While Joohoney impressed with his booming verses, I.M dazzled with his rumbling growls that surely made everyone’s “feet stomp”!



While we did mention I.M’s insanely magnetic rap and vocal skills on stage, there is no denying that he is equally, if not more, charismatic with his dance skills too!

Teaming up with Hyungwon, the duo put up an enthralling stage. The members performed on Charlie Puth’s chart-topping hit “How Long” and left every Monbebe awestruck with their fluid moves.


“Shall we dance on the moonlight?” – was what every Monbebe (us included!) were asking when we were hit by I.M’s sensual and soft vocals as he crooned, “I don’t know/ what to do, dunno what to do/ So why don’t we just nod all day/ I know what to do I know what to do”, in his self composed number “Night View” from the group’s recent platinum comeback album FATAL LOVE.


However, this isn’t the first time the rapper has highlighted his sweet vocals on a track. Here are some of the moments where I.M melted hearts with his warm, honey-like voice.

Horizon | NEED TO KNOW

Lush vocals, lovely visuals and more are what elevate the allure of I.M’s moody number “HORIZON”. The track is, without a doubt, a special one for both the MONSTA X member and his beloved Monbebes, especially with regards to how the artist Elhae came to feature on the same.

Having mentioned that Elhae is a musician that he often listened to, fans made sure to catch the attention of the singer, letting him know of I.M’s admiration of his songs. The rest, as they say, is history as the two artists went to collab on not just one, but two songs – the first being the aforementioned 2019 track “HORIZON” and the other being the 2020 hit “NEED TO KNOW”.

The groovy yet soulful R&B beats of the track are enough to make listeners sway. Complementing Elhae’s rich vocals, I.M charms with his low, breathy tones singing, “Baby, I can love your flaws/ It’s not from the wine/ You don’t need to hide, just come and show your smile/ Please don’t kill my vibe, I wanna hold you tight/ We might fight, but we’ll be fine, that’s why we shine, delivering an absolute banger.


The ambient R&B rhythm, I.M’s laidback singing style as he delves into subtle falsetto and breathy tones, and the passionate lyricism are all that make “Scent” an irresistible track to state the least.

Despite the hard-hitting beats, the angst-ridden calmness unquestionably takes listeners on an emotional ride through and through. “Scent” is a brilliant track that truly showcases I.M’s musical genius in the finest way.

Fly With Me

“Fly With Me” is yet another track that proves why the MONSTA X member is a musical visionary. Through the track, the mellow harmony perfectly spotlights I.M’s deep, reverberating vocals.

Moreover, with this enchanting track, the rapper delves into deeper emotions as he promises to fly to wherever someone is and always be by their side through its emotional lyricism.

Besides this, the rapper has shined on many striking covers that revealed his divine vocals!

Instagram by Dean

Backed by tranquil guitar riffs that only further emphasize his soft and serene vocals, I.M took breaths away as he presented a sublime cover of Dean’s much-loved track “Instagram”.


Through The Night by IU

Oh, what a time to alive, to be blessed by I.M’s lulling vocals as he captivated with a cover of none other than songstress IU’s sweet track “Through The Night”! The rapper serenaded with his velvety and euphonious voice that was enough to melt even hearts made of steel.


It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that when it comes to describing MONSTA X’s I.M’s glamorous visuals, there certainly aren’t enough words to do justice to the ABSOLUTE GORGEOUSNESS that the rapper embodies.

Need we say more Monbebes?


The MONSTA X member is certainly a muse for fans as he continues to amaze with not just his accomplishments but his limitless talents as well. However, he is also someone who truly personifies the term ‘idol’ as he has always encouraged fans to be true to themselves. All from giving profound advice on self-love and breaking boundaries through music, I.M has indisputably inspired Monbebes to be the best version of themselves.

Moreover, with each feat, he has impressed with his evolution as an ace musician and has showcased that he is a strong person inside out, to put it simply –

“I am what I am”, is what Im Changkyun personifies in every sense and we can’t help but be excited to see his growth as a multifaceted musician.

🎂 Here’s Wishing MONSTA X’s multitalented and majestic maknae I.M a very happy birthday! 🎂

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