MONSTA X’s I.M Announces His Solo Mini-Album “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M Announces His Solo Mini-Album “DUALITY”

MONSTA X’s I.M is all set to bless the ears of every Monbebe across the globe with his upcoming mini album!

MONSTA X’s I.M took to the group’s official SNS to make the announcement fans were eagerly awaiting! The magnificent musician revealed a stunning teaser image for his upcoming digital mini-album DUALITY.


The coming soon poster certainly is a flawless representation of the title of the album with its mystifying fire and ice vibes. Moreover, it is also reflective to the dazzling ‘duality’ of the enrapturing rapper himself – as the uber cool Im Changkyun and as the fiery and fabulous artist serving that ‘hot, hottish main dish, I.M. However, one thing is definite that it surely piques the intrigue for what shade of the MONSTA X member fans will get to see through the release.

The reveal is more than amazing as I.M has left listeners wonderstruck with his musical genius on more occasions than one. He has previously unveiled some superb solo releases that highlighted his multifold talents like “Fly With Me”, “HORIZON”, “Scent” as well as some stellar collaborations such as with musicians BrotherSu and J.Han on the track “Madeline” and also with artist ELHAE (who also featured on his track “Horizon”) on the captivating number “Need to Know”.


Additionally, I.M has showcased an impressive musical growth as seen through MONSTA X’s stunning discography. The rapper has writing as well as composing various tracks for the group since their debut. Even on MONSTA X’s recent platinum album FATAL LOVE, the rapper composed the track “Nigh View” that was evidently much loved all over the world for its stirring and serene harmonies and reached the 13th spot on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Sales Chart.

It is indeed exciting to see what musical style I.M will unravel through his upcoming solo release. The MONSTA X member has truly reiterated that he is an all-round artist who shines as a rapper, a composer, a performer as well as a singer!

Meanwhile, MONSTA X’s I.M will be releasing his first digital mini-album DUALITY on various music sources on February 19 at 2 PM KST.

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