MONSTA X’s I.M And Minhyuk Play It Cool In The Latest Pictorial For Vogue Korea

MONSTA X’s I.M And Minhyuk Play It Cool In The Latest Pictorial For Vogue Korea

MONSTA X’s I.M and Minhyuk give off some major fire and ice vibes as they serve smoldering looks while stunning with their uber-cool styles!

MONSTA X’s dynamic duo I.M and Minhyuk look dashing as ever as they pose for this latest pictorial for Vogue Korea. Channeling the perfect combination of suave meets swag, the two multitalented idols are sure to make hearts go “BRRR RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT” with their ‘fatal’ glam indeed.


The two supercool stars opened up about fashion, music, and more in an interview that followed the shoot.

I.M opened up about his experiences in 2020, wherein he admitted that though MONSTA X won several awards and he was grateful for the same, “Since there were no fans on the scene, the meaning of the trophy seemed to decrease”. The stylish rapper also averred that since the group had to cancel a lot of shows due to the pandemic, it gave him a chance to spend most of his time at the studio.

Fans are in for a musical treat as I.M spoke about his much-awaited mixtape which is going to be unveiled soon. The album will be featuring tracks, all that have been written, composed, and produced by him.


The album will be focusing on the aspect of ‘duality’. “You know it’s okay, but it’s not okay? I can’t smile all the time, but I have to laugh because of my role. I wanted to talk about such contradictory situations and double-mindedness,” I.M explained.

This album will show I.M’s own unique color which is in contrast to MONSTA X. The members who have already heard some of his upcoming music, gave him some playful reviews. However, the all-round artist expressed that he isn’t worried about his album in the slightest stating that he is always confident in his music.

Expressing that his love for music was instilled in him since his younger days, I.M said that the person he is grateful for that and more in this world is his father. He sweetly confessed, “My father made music a part of me”, revealing that he grew up waking up to jazz, classical music, and old pop.

Lastly, when asked to state where his happiness index from 1-10 is, I.M said, “I can’t give it to you. To be honest, I’ve been getting a reality hit lately. Everyone looks back on themselves at the end of the year. I wonder why I’m doing this right now. It was every year, but especially this year. It is not that the anxiety that comes from getting a year older. I don’t care about my age. That’s okay. I need this kind of time. I’ll get better when I release my solo album.” He further said that the thing he wanted to most do now was “I want to show [my music] to the public”.

MONSTA X’s sunshine Minhyuk too spoke about his love of music, however, he especially opened up about his love for retro tunes.

The sweet singer had wowed viewers with his appearance on  MBC’s King of Mask Singer with his pristine performances wherein he selected some retro numbers, specifically Jo Junghyun’s “Even Loved The Pain,” for which drew favorable reviews from the panel with his delicate and expressive voice. He had also left viewers speechless with his rendition of Lee Hyunwoo’s “Because I Love You” wherein he showcased a strong stage presence as he unfolded his innate charms that reflected in his saccharine voice.


Touching upon the subject, the loveable idol said that he grew up listening to cassette tapes and CDs of various musicians and recollected memories of having being awed by the albums by esteemed artists particularly, Im Changjung and Click-B.

Minhyuk, who also hosted Back to the Idol, a program that reinterprets choreographies of old-school tracks, expressed, “I guess I had been cast because I like old songs. The guests were mostly in their late teens and early 20s, and younger than me, so they used to be puzzled by old songs and I would almost always know the songs. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, who is the MC with me, was also surprised a lot because of that”.

The MONSTA X member is definitely a model MC and he has reiterated this time and again especially as a host of SBS’ Inkigayo and his show on Naver NOW called VogueShip Show. On the latter, Minhyuk has impressed not just fans but also guests with his breezy hosting skills, of which the vocalist said, “I thought if I were a listener, I would want a DJ who talks about his true feelings in addition to the script”.


Moreover, Minhyuk stated that he researches the guest’s articles for at least 30 minutes. “It would be rude if I didn’t talk to them without knowing that they’re a rookie group.  I didn’t know about Drippin, who appeared a while ago, but I did research in advance, so I was able to treat them more comfortably. Similarly, when Jaejae came on the show, I mentioned that I saw an article that he was selected as a brand model, and he loved it. You have to make the guests excited to be on the show”.

Among the guests, Minhyuk picked Kim Junsu as the best. He expressed, “As soon as Junsu saw me for the first time, ‘Oh! I don’t know if you’ll feel bad, but your voice resembles mine’ I was crying”. He explained that to him, Kim Junsu was like a ray of hope since he was conscious of his voice and felt that only people with deeper voices can be singers but, “Kim Junsu showed that other styles of vocals can also be successful”.

For the vocalist, it’s not just the guests but mainly fans who motivate him. “I am thrilled that I can help you even a little”, the MONSTA X singer said as he recollected a mother’s story who thanked her daughter who was undergoing rehabilitation treatment and said she was strengthened by watching his broadcast.

Minhyuk certainly embodies the term ‘artist’ as not only does he get hearts racing with his sweet like honey vocals, but also with his exceptional art skills, having painted some mesmeric masterpieces not just on his VogueShip Show, but also some custom pieces for the members as well such as painting a purple flower on I.M’s phone case and a photo on Kihyun’s camera bag.

He further hopes to showcase his artistic abilities in fashion and that, he dreams of collaborating for the same with various brands, “I don’t know when, but I think anything related to fashion will be interesting. If anything’s my goal for this year, I’d like to be a co-MC with many seniors. I want to learn a lot”.

Meanwhile, more interviews and pictorials of MONSTA X’s I.M and Minhyuk can be found in the February issue of Vogue Korea.

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