MONSTA X’s Joohoney Reveals A Power-Packed “PSYCHE” MV Teaser

MONSTA X’s Joohoney Reveals A Power-Packed “PSYCHE” MV Teaser


MONSTA X’s Joohoney recently released his chart topping mixtape PSYCHE. The album was much loved for its diverse sounds that showcased the rapper’s ferocious and unique style in the most outstanding way.  Moreover, through the album Joohoney’s redefined versatility in his signature swag way.

“All of the world, pay attention, JOOHONEY 1HUNNIT, I’m ready” the singer-rapper boldly declares as he unfolds the intriguing and intense teaser. It gives glimpses of the ace artist through montages as he charms with his dynamic demeanor in different settings.

Joohoney is truly captivating and commanding in each of the stills in the video. The teaser highlights his multifold charms in a suave meets swag aesthetics. In the monochrome stills the artist exudes an air of sophistication while in the colored stills he carries himself in a more chill and casual chic fashion. What’s more? The fierce musician will be showcasing some thunderous dance moves as well.

“PSYCHE” is the title track from the MONSTA X’s member’s recent mixtape. The track serves as a comparison for people blinded by a life surrounded by money and fame as they flash their over-the-top lifestyle. The meaning of the term “psyche” in this track is used ambiguously – where on one hand it is somewhat of a metaphor of success and failures on the song; while on the other hand it refers to the rapper’s inner self.

He conveys his views on success and hustling everyday to attain it. Additionally, the minimal drum beat melody combined with the track’s addictive hook and powerful and wild rap verses leave quite a strong impression.

Having produced each track on the mixtape PSYCHE, Joohoney has established his mettle and genius as an all-round artist. With each song telling a heartfelt story through a distinctly authentic melody and autobiographical lyricism, the rapper presents a relatable as well as a never seen before side to him in the most powerful manner.

Video | Images Credit: Starship Entertainment

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  1. Joohoney is seriously an stunning Artist, every track of his whole amazing Mixtape Album deserves an Mv
    & somehow we really get that woow from Ambition Mv to SMOKY Mv & now even also for PSYCHE that´s great

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