Cover Star : MONSTA X’s Kihyun Stuns With His Rocking Imagine Dragons Song Covers

Cover Star : MONSTA X’s Kihyun Stuns With His Rocking Imagine Dragons Song Covers

Believe us when we say that MONSTA X’s Kihyun is a natural when it comes to dazzling listeners with his sweet tunes and striking covers!

MONSTA X’s Kihyun certainly owns the title of being a powerhouse vocalist. Not only has he mesmerized with his honeyed vocals through the group’s diverse discography, but also on some really captivating song covers that he has unveiled thus far.


The multitalented singer has unequivocally stolen breaths away with his beguiling K-Pop covers. However, Kihyun truly awes as he showcases his unparalleled vocal skills through these rocking renditions, particularly of the tracks “Believer” and “Natural” by Imagine Dragons.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the MONSTA X member evinced that he is the ultimate rockstar as he dropped an electrifying cover of “Believer“.

Kihyun undeniably made us believe that he embodies the term versatility in every sense. Looking stylish in his all black casual chic look, the vocalist made jaws drop as he delivered a power-packed performance. He dazzles with his energetic moves, flawless high notes and fierce demeanor through the clip.

The magnetic cover caught not only the attention of fans across the globe at the time, but also from Ben McKee and Daniel Platzman, the bassist and drummer of Imagine Dragons.

This next performance of the track “Natural” is what one could describe as hauntingly beautiful! Kihyun’s rendition of this Imagine Dragons banger is nothing short of being perfection.

The otherwise adorable artist channels a more fierce side to himself in this cover. The MONSTA X member proves that no amount of praise can match up to the dynamism of his dulcet vocals.

Spotlighting his multifaceted vocal range, Kihyun awes with his signature high notes before he amazes with his rumbling growls during the chorus. Moreover, his mellow notes during the bridge of the song unquestionably highlight the all-round artistry of the supercool singer.


With such dynamic covers, Yoo Kihyun reiterates his position as an ever evolving ace artist. Be it soulful ballads or high octane rock music – there is no genre that he wouldn’t slay and make listeners swoon to his magnificent melodies.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is on their way to treat fans with their delectable Flavors of Love. The group’s third Japanese album will be releasing across multiple music sources on May 5.


Giving a little taste for what’s to come, the boy group revealed the album’s title track. The refreshing electro pop number is sweet as sweet can be. The members harmonize their vocals through the track like a dream. And what’s more? MONSTA X melt hearts with their cute shoutout to their MONBEBES in this addictive number.

Take A Listen To & ADD MONSTA X’s delightful “Flavors of love” here:

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Photo | Video Credits: Starship Entertainment

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