MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Mesmerizes In A Pictorial With W Korea

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Mesmerizes In A Pictorial With W Korea

MONSTA X’s very own sunshine Minhyuk shines like the star he is in this latest pictorial for W Korea!

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk floors with his luxurious visuals as he evokes quite the mystical aura. Beguiling as he beautifully brings forth the concept of Minhyuk’s Deep Sea, the vocalist opened out about music and more.

Looking like an absolute stunner and captivating hearts with his model looks, the multitalented idol further piqued curiosities. He shared his honest thoughts of over the past 7 years since his debut with MONSTA X, his concerns, his attitude toward his fans, his time with the members, his perspective on K-pop, and his fashion taste, among others.


Minhyuk expressed his delight at the theme of the shoot. He stated, that, “I like the sea, the deep sea, and the whale. I heard that you can see a flock of whales in the natural sea when you go abroad, so my dream is to see it”. He spoke about his fear of water and said that even though he suffers from a phobia of the same, he has attained a scuba diver’s license and that, if he had the chance, he wants to go diving abroad and see the whales there.

Elaborating on the same, the sweet star narrated the story behind his famous whale tattoo. He asserted, “It’s been about four years since I got a tattoo on my scarred leg. I liked whales before that, but it didn’t mean anything. I wanted give meaning to it because it was engraved on my body”.

Elucidating the meaning behind the tattoo, Minhyuk said, “Whales are the biggest sea creatures and travel freely over long distances. And because the tattoo’s huge, for me it represents that I want to take all my people in a good direction”.

In addition to that, the MONSTA X member was asked about the roses on the whale’s back. He said that he is aware that originally roses signify love. And so, the roses on the whale’s back stand for his loved ones.


Minhyuk is much loved for not just his multifaceted charms as an artist but also as the host of his Naver NOW’s VogueShip Show. He said that though he says what he feels freely, he does take into account how his listeners would feel tuning into the show.

It is because, for the vocalist, it’s not just the guests but mainly fans who motivate him. Minhyuk recollected a mother’s story. The woman thanked him as her daughter who was undergoing rehabilitation treatment said she was strengthened by watching his broadcast.

The singer further delved deep into the sea of his mind as he touched upon on what worries him and how he deals with it. He expressed that, “I had a lot of worries last year. I was a bit tired. It felt like a slump. Everyone has a slump and I don’t want to hide it just because we’re idols. At that time, I came to a conclusion, ‘If it’s just hard, let’s get hard.’ As I kept struggling, I felt like I was falling further down”.

The endearing MinMung stated that for him it was changing his mindset that helped him get through the tough moments. Having said that, the vocalist stated that when he feels down, he seeks his members to talk to. Minhyuk explained, “It’s natural that we’re close to each other just like or even more than family members. We go shopping, eat, drink coffee, and play games together. We naturally talk the most, so the members are enough”.

Further into the interview, when questioned if he would ever consider taking up an acting opportunity, Minhyuk said that though he likes movies and has received some acting offers, he feels as though its not his cup of tea at the moment. He clarified, “There may be a time when I want to challenge myself someday. If there is a role I really want to play or a work that fits me well, I think I could challenge myself to take it up.

Minhyuk has showcased time and again that he can rock any and every kind of style and with sheer panache at that. When it comes to his personal style however,  the idol says that he hasn’t decided on that yet. Stating that, “My favorite style is different from that of my fans like to see me in, so I tend to mix the two styles in a unique way. Fans like to see me in pants that attach to rider jackets, so I wear what they want to see me in. However, I prefer a look that’s a bit vintage. I like to match achromatic colors that don’t stand out too much. I think it’s the most comfortable and goes well with me, but people who like me don’t really like that style”.

Next, the creative genius spoke about his experience as a host on VogueShip Show. Minhyuk said, “It’s different from when I’m on a show with the members. Of course, I’m MONSTA X’s Minhyuk when I’m alone, but I’m more like MONSTA X when I’m with the members. I think my personality comes out in the broadcast where I talk alone”, stating that it is easier for him to give advices to fans who tune in when he feels like himself.

When asked what kind of music he’d like to try, the MONSTA X member said, “I’ve done a lot of things I wanted to do through MONSTA X’s albums, and I’ve sung an OST with Shownu called “Have A Good Night“. I’ve also appeared on King of Mask Singer. Our album All About Luv which ranked fifth on the Billboard 200 chart, saw us delving into ballads, hip-hop, EDM, and R&B, that are some of the genres that the members and I like so far. However, if I have a chance, I think it would be amazing and nice to produce my own song that channels a ballad mood from the 90s”.

Answering the question of what kind of artist does Minhyuk want to be remembered as? He said, ” I want to be remembered as an artist who is good at everything, does it all without any regrets rather than just dancing or singing”.

MONSTA X have accomplished many a stellar feats, which according to the superstar singer have been a learning experience. With such achievements, it is but inevitable that the group as well as K-Pop has been gaining momentum globally.

He shared his thoughts on the same as he voiced, “I think it’s a message. K-pop singers are the only artists who perform to the global market. There are so many Billboard No. 1 and No. 2 achievers. There are too many famous artists, but there are no cases where Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and the U.S. market are targeted at once. Because most singers on Billboard are native English speakers, so it is natural. However, Korean singers sing not just in their native language but also in Chinese, Japanese, and English, releasing albums and even embedding messages like ‘We’re always together. We’re always the one”.

He added, “Even the comments on the promotional video of the album are in the national language of the country that targets it. I think the biggest factor is the constant message of “We are close even if the distance is far.” So I don’t think the popularity of K-pop is anything but temporary. It will continue unless singers of other genres copy it. It’s the only message that’s nowhere else”.


MONBEBES and MONSTA X have an unbreakable bond and have showcased that on multiple occasions. Talking about the evolution of his relationship with his precious fans, Minhyuk stated that originally they were like friends to him and now it feels like he’s more closer to them than ever. He expressed, “For the rest of my life, I must repay these people for their love”.

More pictorials and interview of the loveable Minhyuk are available on W Korea. Meanwhile, MONSTA X is on their way to set hearts aflutter with their marvelous melodies on their ninth mini-album One Of A Kind, releasing on June 1.

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Source | Photos Credits: W Korea

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