#NowPlaying : MONSTA X Spotlights Their Outstanding “One Of A Kind” Tunes

#NowPlaying : MONSTA X Spotlights Their Outstanding “One Of A Kind” Tunes


MONSTA X is back and back with a resounding bang, or should we say absolute bangers! The global scene stealers have dropped their ninth mini album and it is an utter delight to simply say so. Titled One Of A Kind, it sees the luxurious group channel a unique charm like never before.


From a high octane lead number, an ambient “Rotate” or a refreshing “BEBE”, the sextet reiterates versatility and with finesse at that. MONSTA X showcase why they are ‘top of the top’. They highlight their diverse range of musical spectra that is captured through each of the seven tracks on their latest comeback album.


The album sees the inclusion of seven tracks which are written, composed, and even arranged by some of the members themselves. Particularly the talented trio Joohoney, I.M, and Hyungwon have been instrumental in the production of almost all of the songs on the release.

The two stellar rappers took part in the songwriting, composition, and arrangement of the songs titled, “GAMBLER”, “Heaven”, Addicted”, and “Rotate”. Moreover, they further joined forces to write the lyrics for the Korean version of their 2018 hit “Livin’ It Up”. The group’s very own DJ-vocalist Hyungwon spotlighted his mettle as a visionary musician with his track “Secrets”. Moreover, the loveable artist has self-composed a special song, that is sure to melt every MONBEBE’s heart, which is adorably titled, “BEBE”.


This ninth mini-album deemed as One Of A Kind exceptionally elucidates the essence of MONSTA X’s dynamic sounds. Having said that though, it also brings to light a different shade of the group as well.


The track is everything that is electrifying for sure! The reverberating bassline, electric guitar, and synths, unequivocally reiterate that MONSTA X are ready to rock and roll. The album opens with pure perfection in the form of “GAMBLER”. The song pulls with its booming bass and its pop rock style rhythm.

The members are here to steal hearts with their rich harmonies and prove the same through this tantalizing lead track. The members charm with their exciting musical style and ad-libs through the length of the track.

Shownu and Minhyuk sound like a dream as they beautifully balance each other’s breathy notes and delight with fluid falsetto for effect. Kihyun comes in strong with his signature high notes that amplify the power-packed feel of the track while Hyungwon adds a lovely texture to the melody with his husky vocals.

The rap line breathes fire with their verses and no, it’s not an overstatement. Joohoney intrigues with his sing-rap style and we are here for it while I.M ‘burns’ the scene with his fiery style which is simply captivating to say so.

The track depicts an exchanged glance between lovers as they explore their irresistible feelings that lead them to a point where they are ready to bet everything. The song truly emphasizes MONSTA X’s confidence and their unrivaled synergy.


Having left spellbound with a lit lead track, “Heaven” keeps the momentum going with an equally blazing number albeit in a laidback style. The breezy melody composed of guitar, EP, saxophone against an 808 bass, and trap rhythm evoke somewhat of a retro feel especially when paired with the members’ distinctive vocal styles.

The silvery melodies of the vocal line excellently offsets the outright swag that the rappers personify through this smooth song. It is as though the track mirrors the serene simplicity from their fourth set of concept photos and bring it to life with this canorous track.

Moreover, the energizing Bossa Nova rhythm adds to a tranquil ambiance as it is reminiscent of the feeling of going on a drive on a warm summer day all the way towards the sky as if being in heaven.


Fair warning: You are going to be ‘addicted’ to “ADDICTED”! The EDM melody paired with the snappy synth and snares gives this song quite an ambient vibe. However, with its powerful trap beat, which gives it a sharp yet dark feel, it rouses an undeniable air of mystery.

The lyricism is poetic and brings forth the intensity of the track to life in a very striking manner. The lyrics express the idea of love to being like a double-edged sword, with lines like, “Your love is dangerous, no. I can’t get out of it, oh. The thirst is getting worse. It’s suffocating and tightening. I know it sounds strange, but I’m lovin’ this”.

Shownu shines with his subdued falsetto, Mihyuk’s sweet vocals radiate warmth while being backed by I.M’s airy rap verses. Hyungwon’s soft notes stir to simply say so. Joohoney’s verse sees the rapper shed his fiercer avatar and don a more romantic one. However, Kihyun steals the show with his high registers and mellifluous “I’m Addicted To You”, which, honestly, are going to get every listener hooked to this track saying “I’m loving this”.

Overall, this song is one that is reflective of the narrative of a fatal love story that MONSTA X has unraveled thus far.



“We all have secrets. I wonder what your secret is. I want to know your secret.” – the line embodies the overall theme of the track to the T, to say the least. The groovy disco-pop beat perfectly complements the members’ musical style in the finest way. There is a certain playfulness that peeks through on this otherwise impassioned number, which is where its appeal lies.

The full English track retains a flirty flair though in a classy way. Minhyuk and Hyungwon beautifully harmonize each other’s vocals while Shownu and Kihyun command the strong pre-chorus and chorus with their breathy notes as they ask with faultless synchronization “What’s your secret?“.

It is important to add, and we cannot emphasize that enough, that the rap line kills it on this number. I.M and Joohoney take the sultry energy of the song up a notch with their sizzling verses, which are enough to raise temperatures faster than the sun.

It is no ‘secret’ that “Secrets” is a definite euphonious earworm and one that is sure to have fans hitting that repeat button, well, on repeat!


Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are when every MONBEBE around the world will be blasting this sweet number through the roof!

This dreamy mid-tempo R&B song caters to a tender and romantic atmosphere with a jazz feel. The song is a very special one as member Hyungwon aims to let all his BEBEs know that he wishes to be with them all day, every day through his lyrics.

The track commences with the dulcet melodies of none other than MONSTA X’s two talented rappers. I.M and Joohoney are bound to make fans swoon with their honeyed vocals on each of the verses. While the dashing DJ H.ONE takes over the pre-chorus with his velvety notes.

Shownu, Minhyuk, and Kihyun slay through the chorus and bridge of this endearing number as MONSTA X lets their beloved BEBEs know that, “I’ll be by your side.24/7, I love you”!



If you’ve been following I.M’s work for a while, then you’d know that “Rotate” is right up his alley. The track is undeniably reflective of the multifaceted maknae’s style with its EDM beat backed with rumbling bass. The heady rhythm of the track paired with MONSTA X’s relaxed sounds makes for a chill listening experience.

The track turns up the heat, quite literally at that, with its steamy lyricism that includes lines like, “Switchin’ positions I like to rotate. Let’s switch seats. What do you want this time? Temperature is hot, you’re sweating. Let’s make it moist, I want you to drop that”.

The laidback melodies of I.M and Hyungwon paired with Kihyun’s fierce high notes leading to breathy harmonizing falsettos of Shownu and Minhyuk with a perfervid rap verse by Joohoney- all render “Rotate” as a balanced and beguiling number.


The 808 bass and heavy distortion are what back this certified banger that sees MONSTA X “Livin’ It Up” like the all-round artists that they are. The track is the group’s 4th Japanese single that released in 2018. At the time of its unveiling, it sold more than 100,000
copies. Moreover, the song won two gold medals at the Japanese Golden Disc Awards as well.

This Korean version contains the same exciting and cheerful feeling as the Japanese version but with accelerated charisma. The song falls into the EDM genre mixed with elements of hip-hop and funky instrumental. With the sheer power that radiates through every verse on this version, there is no doubt that this new version is going to be equally, if not more, loved like the original.

Overall, MONSTA X spotlight just why they are a force to be reckoned with through this aptly titled ninth mini-album.

With such an impressive mix of compositions showcasing the group’s myriad range of musical spectra featuring elements of hip-hop, EDM and jazz to name a few, MONSTA X proves their status as ace artists as they weave a ‘One Of A Kind’ musical masterpiece.


No amount of concept photos, reveals or teasers had us prepared for what can only be defined as pure art in motion. MONSTA X embodies every meaning that the word ‘majestic’ encapsulates. All the praises fall short in front of the brilliance that each of the members radiates through the length of this stunning music video.

The six scene stealers break into a casino as they bewitch through each engrossing frame of the video. The clip is akin to an action-packed Hollywood film as it sees the members Shownu, Minhyuk, I.M, Joohoney, Hyungwon, and Kihyun carry out a heist. From scenes depicting the sextet planning the steal to them channeling major boss vibes during an auction (note: the numbers on each of bid paddle), they are sure to leave viewers hooked to the edge of their seats!

Moreover, the captivating craftsmen of the stage give glimpses of their power-packed performance of the track through the music video. MONSTA X slay in their edgy ensembles as they looking ravishing in their royal suits. “Zero zero lucky bang” – all in all, the group definitely aims of hearts and captures with their unique style that will have every fan bet everything on them.

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