MONSTA X Personifies Flamboyance In New Concept Photos

MONSTA X Personifies Flamboyance In New Concept Photos


MONSTA X revealed the newest set of concept photos. In comparison to the photos released yesterday, these stills have the same passionate vibe. While each of the members looked electrifying in individual shots, these images showcase two members commanding each of the four frames.

Starting with Shownu and Joohoney, the duo look extremely striking. In the image, the otherwise fierce rapper holds somewhat of a subdued gaze as he looks towards the MONSTA X leader in an almost dour manner. Shownu on the other hand, fascinates with his focused gaze as he stares into the camera.

Their visuals are interestingly illuminated with the cool blue light which lends them a mysterious yet soft appeal and brings out their famous features beautifully.


Minhyuk and Hyungwon are definitely bringing forth some sexy vampire vibes here! Both vocalists are sure to make fans stop in their tracks and enrapture them with their enchanting demeanor. Moreover, their bold look, especially with the vivid red lips and smoky eyes give them quite the sultry look.

The image sees the same lavender-esque background on Minhyuk’s side which we got a glimpse of in the previous image. While on the other hand, the backdrop on Hyungwon’s side is a sharp contrast to this with the warm toned rich reds and yellow. These contrasting colors surprisingly work together in bringing out the stunning visuals of the members while also adding an element of thrill to it.


I.M and Kihyun look absolutely fiery in their all black ensembles. There is something extremely regal and yet edgy about the pair who steal the show with their messy hair and intense gazes.

Moreover, without a doubt, they stir hearts as they intensely gaze into the camera and give off a powerful aura. The members look sauve and sexy as they pose against a predominantly red backdrop while their faces are illuminated by the soft glow of both the warm red and yellow lights as well as the cool blue lights.


And finally, MONSTA X unleashed their lethal sides in this magnificent group shot that is nothing short of being art. Posing in their majestic attires, they look like the epitome of the word glamorous against the red and blue background. MONSTA X bring forth a fiery energy and look like ‘homme fatales’ with their ferocious expressions and flawless visuals.


Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be releasing their third full length album FATAL LOVE on multiple music sources on November 2

Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

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