MONSTA X Reigns Over Japan’s Oricon Chart With Their “Flavors of love”

MONSTA X Reigns Over Japan’s Oricon Chart With Their “Flavors of love”

MONSTA X has certainly delighted fans with their delectable Flavors of love and this latest feat is only testament to that!

MONSTA X released their third Japanese full length album Flavors of love on May 5. Soon after it’s release, not only did the album reign over fans’ hearts but also on Japan’s Oricon Daily Albums Chart.


The release rose to the top of the chart and positioned at the No. 1 spot on the Oricon Daily Albums chart almost immediately after its release in Japan, reiterating that MONSTA X own the title of being global idols.

The group’s third Japanese full length album spotlights their eclectic musical style. Flavors of love features 11 tracks in total  including the Japanese versions of their chart-topping hits “Follow”, “FANTASIA”, and “Love Killa”.


Moreover, aside from the eponymous lead number, it further includes the tracks titled “Wanted”, “Re:verse Day”, “Diamond Heart”, “Secret”, “Detox”, “Wish On the Same Sky”, and last but not the least, “Neo Universe”.

In addition, the live clip of the title song “Flavors of love” that released through Universal Music Japan’s YouTube channel on May 4 is also catching the attention of global fans. MONSTA X conveyed the emotions of spring with their refreshing mannerisms and sweet visuals that were enough to melt every MONBEBE’s heart.


This latest achievement on the Oricon Daily Albums Chart comes only two months after the powerhouse boy group took the top spot on the Oricon Chart and Tower Records Chart with their magnetic track “WANTED” that was released in March.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will continue to captivate fans with their global activities. Additionally the group will be making their One Of A Kind comeback with their ninth mini-album that will be releasing on June 1.

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