MONSTA X Reveals An Energetic Dance Practice Video For “BEASTMODE”

MONSTA X Reveals An Energetic Dance Practice Video For “BEASTMODE”

Open your eyes because MONSTA X goes “BEASTMODE” in this latest dance practice video!

BRRR RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT – That’s the sound of MONSTA X aiming for viewers’ hearts with their thunderous energy in this stunning performance. The group unleashed their ferocious sides in a new dance practice video of their sub-title track “BEASTMODE” from their recent release FATAL LOVE.

To say that the clip is the personification of the word ‘perfection’ would truly be an understatement. The synchronization is next-level as MONSTA X showcases and stuns with some of the most dynamic dance moves.

Moreover, in the video, all of the members look absolutely striking in their fashionable looks. Their styles further spotlight their spellbinding visuals in the coolest way.


What adds to the charm of the video is the way the dancers hype up MONSTA X and their synchroneity with the group which makes for quite the power-packed performance, befitting of the title of the track.

The song and the choreography truly mirrors the passionate and strong personas of the members themselves.

“BEASTMODE” is an intense number that amazes with its 808 bass rhythm with snappy synths. It is co-written by none other than the ace musician Eric Nam himself.

The collab combines the musical genius of the group as well as of the singer’s to unravel the ultimate superhit. The members embrace their fiery side which they bring forth with the utmost fortitude on “BEASTMODE”.

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Meanwhile, MONSTA X has concluded their comeback activities for FATAL LOVE. Fans will get to see the group in the upcoming year-end awards ceremony as well as through their individual activities. They will be gifting fans with a spectacular Japanese version of their fiery number “Love Killa” on December 16 as well.

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Photo | Video Credits: Starship Entertainment

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