MONSTA X Shines On Billboard’s World Digital Songs Sales Chart With “Night View”

MONSTA X Shines On Billboard’s World Digital Songs Sales Chart With “Night View”

A sweet gift leading to a sweet feat indeed!

January has brought much cause for celebration for MONSTA X and their beloved Monbebes. Following the two birthday celebrations for members Hyungwon and I.M, the month has become even happier with their song “Night View” reaching the 13th spot on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Sales Chart.

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The album which was released in November 2020 is a musical masterpiece which has seen a lot of contribution from the talented members of this global group. And this accomplishment for “Night View” is no surprise as the EDM-pop beat track is quite the serene and stunning song.

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The members shine on this mesmerizing number and make you want to hit the repeat button against a backdrop of a nice long drive on a cool breezy night. I.M’s husky vocals followed by the soft, mesmerizing melodies of Hyungwon and Minhyuk sets a sensual ambiance which is further amplified with the perfect notes from Shownu and Kihyun and the stunning rap from Joohoney. It is no surprise that despite not being performed on a big stage, the song is still popular among fans and music lovers alike.


This feat comes hot on the heels of I.M’s birthday celebrations as this track from MONSTA X’s 3rd full length album Fatal Love has been composed by the youngest member himself.

And it is quite amazing to note that earlier this month, member Hyungwon’s first ever self-composed “Nobody Else” too hit the 10th spot on Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. Talk about the perfect birthday gifts!

The sophisticated pop genre song is another example of the musical genius that each member of MONSTA X possesses. Both, “Night View” and “Nobody Else” are tracks which have brilliantly highlighted the diverse charms and strengths of each member of the group while providing distinctly amazing listening experiences to all those who hear these songs.

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