MONSTA X’s Shownu Announces Military Enlistment Date

MONSTA X’s Shownu Announces Military Enlistment Date


MONSTA X’s Shownu will fulfill his military duty and will be enlisting later this month. The group’s agency Starship Entertainment announced the same and stated that “Shownu will enter the training center on July 22 and will commence his alternative service as a social worker.”


The talented vocalist was diagnosed with retinal detachment in his left eye last year due to which he was considered ineligible for active duty. The agency added, “In consideration of the spread of COVID-19, Shownu’s enlistment location and time will be kept private, and we ask for your understanding that there will be no separate events on the day of his enlistment. We ask for your warm support and encouragement for Shownu while you wait for his return”.

To reveal the same, Shownu took to the group’s official fan cafe to leave a heartfelt letter to his beloved BEBEs. The letter read as follows:

Hello, how are you doing? This is MONSTA X’s Shownu.

From July 22, I will be taking a brief hiatus as I fulfill my national defence duties. It feels like just yesterday when I made my debut, but now it’s time for me to go to the military.

As I worked hard until now, I have experienced both joy and hardship and various meaningful moments with the members and the fans. The love and support that I’ve received from fans is not just the love between one person and another but something much bigger than that. There were times when I unconsciously began to take it for granted and times when I realized that I shouldn’t.

Thank you for letting me feel and experience so many things through MONSTA X. I will do my best to repay you, so please continue to have fun with MONSTA X and I. Thank you so much for letting me realize that I am able to know new things each day.

The life I’m living now. The path I chose could have been worse than what had been originally there, or it could be better, or it may be a life that is absurdly undeserved, I don’t know. I think that happiness is living while feeling things like gratitude and thankfulness and love and disappointment and regrets. Regardless of whether I’m living a good or bad life, I think I’m just a happy person.

Since I started talking about life just because I won’t be able to promote for a little bit, I must be nervous. Anyway, thank you and stay happy and healthy.

Letters are best remembered when they end abruptly, right? Love you always. Yes, I love you and let’s meet again soon.


The idol has been dazzling fans with his multifold talents and warm heart ever since his debut. The singer has undeniably been a source of happiness and strength not just for his fans but also MONSTA X as well. It, therefore, goes without saying that every MONBEBE across the globe will be awaiting the return of their precious Nunu Bear.

Stay healthy and serve well Shownu!

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Photos Credits: Starship Entertainment

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