Celebrating MONSTA X’s One Of A Kind Leader Shownu

Celebrating MONSTA X’s One Of A Kind Leader Shownu


It is the day to celebrate one of the best or should we say, a one of a kind leader! MONSTA X’s Shownu embodies the term of an all-rounder in every sense. He is an amazing dancer, a super talented vocalist, and a show-stopper to say the least.


But that’s not all, the artist is much loved by every Monbebe across the globe and with good reason – while he may be a charismatic idol on stage, off it, he is the epitome of kindness and humility. While he is, unequivocally, a sweet singer, Monbebes’ adorable Nunu Bear, above all, Shownu is a reliable leader to MONSTA X!


Like a true Gemini that he is, on numerous occasions, MONSTA X’s Shownu has displayed his duality in the most sublime manner. Particularly, when he is not performing, he is nothing short of being an adorable artist. However, when on stage, he definitely turns up the heat faster than the sun as he channels his ferocious glam and with finesse at that as seen in some of the group’s regal stages.

He has also time and again proved just why he adorns the crown as the king of the stage while simultaneously owning the title of being the main dancer, not just in his group but also in his generation of idols known for their impeccable moves. Here are a few instances when he commanded the ambiance with his extraordinary dance skills.

Starting with this absolute masterpiece that Shownu gifted to fans on his birthday last year, the cool artist took breaths away as he swayed to “Heartless” by The Weeknd. Spotlighting his impressive attention to detail, he awed as he flawlessly matched his step with each snap and groove of the track, not to mention, displaying some smooth footwork. He DEFINITELY made hearts skip a beat (or ten!) with his video for “Heartless”.

The year before that too, Monbebes’ beloved president unraveled a sweet present for the group’s fans as a gesture to thank them. He revealed an aesthetic video wherein he rocked to the beat of Charlie Puth’s track “LA Girls”. He slayed in a casual chic look while he captured with his fluid choreography, to simply say so.

Shownu has gushed about his adoration of his idol, who is none other than the iconic Rain. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that this multitalented stunner has left everyone spellbound with his luxurious style through his dance cover of some of Rain’s tantalizing tunes.

Shownu’s hips certainly don’t lie as he has impressed with some of his best moves that heavily emphasize on that part. He has accented the same as he brought forth some of his bold steps as he matched the rhythm of his sculpted frame with that of Rain’s sultry number aptly titled “Hip Song”. What’s more? The otherwise endearing vocalist gave the cover an added oomph with his sexy style.

In addition to this, when he finally met with his idol last year, he certainly made Rain fall in love with him, with not just his charming demeanor but especially with his powerful dance skills. Now that’s what you call a successful fan!

Shownu’s passion for dance certainly shows and it is even more evinced after the handsome singer dropped some superb dance clips on his official Instagram account as well.

Since he couldn’t participate in the promotional activities for the MONSTA X’s recent comeback album One Of A Kind, due to his health, despite that, he continued interacting with his dear BEBEs and showcased his support to his fellow members Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M, proving yet again, why he owns the title of being the best leader.


The numbers are pretty much useless when it comes to counting the amount of times Shownu melted every Monbebe’s heart in a puddle with his caring nature and affection not just towards them but mainly, towards his younger members ever since their debut days.

From giving the members a piggyback ride, ensuring that they get their due attention to even feeding them at times – this MONSTA X leader has showcased his fondness for his group in the most heartwarming way.

It is no secret that Shownu loves (LOVES) food but he ensures that he isn’t the only one enjoying a delectable meal and he goes as far as feeding his fellow members as a father would to his children.

Bonus: On an episode of Monsta X-Ray, there was a dead fish inside a bucket and Minhyuk asked Shownu “Is the fish dead?”. Rather than telling the truth, Shownu adorably told him that the fish was just resting.

We just want to ask Shownu if it hurt when he fell from the heavens? Because this man is an absolute angel! The loveable star has truly won hearts with some of the most wholesome acts including but not limited to the time he shot a solo CF. He shared his paycheck equally among the members for the same.

These are but only a few examples of how Shownu has transcended from the role of a leader to much more – of becoming the source of solace and strength for his younger brothers as well as for Monbebes. Moreover, his babies too have not left any stone unturned when it comes to appreciating everything their Appa Nunu does for them.


While Shownu may be calm and quiet and often perceived as awkward, it couldn’t be much further to the truth. Though he holds more of a tranquil bearing, he still makes a resounding impact as he has displayed his keen sense of entertainment ever since his debut.

From setting hearts aflutter with his ace acting skills to making us all fail those “Try Not To Laugh” challenges with his witty sense of humor, he truly makes everyone’s day with his multifaceted allure.

We said it before, we’ll say it again and again – somebody give actor Shownu that lead role and a K-Drama script soon! The singer certainly swept viewers off their feet as he channeled those boy-next-door vibes as Choi Hangyeol and as a clever chaebol when he essayed the role of Nam Joo. Not only did he awe with his enchanting visuals but his amazing flair for acting as well.

Moreover, he has warmed hearts with his appearances on various variety programs – from bedazzling hosts with his piquant mannerisms, his numerous talents, or simply just his honest nature – he has floored everyone just the same. In addition to that, this bewitching Showminator undeniably beguiles with his innocent charm as well.

Hi, hello, annyeong! Did we mention, Shownu’s supercool humorous mien? Well, the idol’s subtle comebacks merged with his cute style is the perfect formula to brighten the world. While the musician can be shy, he is also not afraid to unleash his playful and sassy side at times which leaves not just his members but also fans in splits.


It cannot be reiterated enough that Shownu is an excellent and often underrated vocalist with his range varying between baritone, tenor, and alto. To put it quite simply, his husky vocals display versatility in the finest way. He brings forth soul-stirring soft, breathy notes, fluid falsetto, and jaw-dropping high notes while executing the same with utmost perfection.

Not only has he hallmarked the same through MONSTA X’s diverse discography, what with evoking a sense of delicacy with his exquisite vocals in an edgy “GAMBLER”, or by kindling a sultry air in a fiery “GASOLINE”, he has done so with some of his solo tracks as well.


He left listeners enraptured with his pristine falsetto on his duet with Minhyuk titled “HAVE A GOODNIGHT” as he has hypnotized with his strong and electrifying high registers on the alt-rock number, “I’ll Be There”. Through such mesmerizing masterpieces, Shownu proves that there is indeed no musical domain that he cannot conquer with his honeyed vocals.


Over the years, with not just words, but through his actions, Shownu has raised the bar and set an example of what a leader should be. Even with his recent hiatus from the group’s recent promotional activities due to Left Retinal Detachment (Amotio Retinae), he did not hold back when it came to showing up to support his dear members.

This is only but a glimpse of the number of times that Shownu has taken on the role of the resident cheerleader for MONSTA X, despite obstacles that may come his way. In addition to that, he has become a source of inspiration for Monbebes as well. From sharing cute moments during interactions with them to imparting wisdom to comfort them, this trendsetter evinces that he is someone everyone can lean on.


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