MONSTA X Sizzles In Stunning Concept Photos For “FATAL LOVE”

MONSTA X Sizzles In Stunning Concept Photos For “FATAL LOVE”


MONSTA X has unveiled the first version of concept photos for their upcoming full length album FATAL LOVE. The photos are everything that is fierce and phenomenal.

Shownu looks LITERALLY breathtaking. His soft features against the fiery red backdrop gives him a seemingly dramatic look that also has a touch of romance. The image brings the focus onto the MONSTA X leader’s soulful gaze that will truly melt hearts without a doubt.


The MONSTA X rapper-singer does not shy away from showcasing his bold side! Joohoney stuns in this close up shot that makes him look entrancing to state the least. His all black attire and smoky eyes truly give him an edgy vibe that only add to his overall ferocity. Joohoney’s picture sees a predominantly red hue which adds to a mysterious and bad boy vibe that is further highlighted by his sharp gaze.


Minhyuk brings the phrase “if looks could kill” to life. The otherwise sweet singer goes all out and reveals a more savage look. The soft lavender backdrop enhances his pristine visuals. Rocking those blond tresses that give him somewhat of a subdued glow, Minhyuk truly had us shook with his smeared, bleeding red lips and sultry gaze.


Here comes the handsome prince – is what we were thinking seeing Hyungwon’s gorgeous visuals. The vocalist looks absolutely striking in his all black look that is a captivating contrast to the all red backdrop. Hyungwon ensures that all eyes are on him as he gazes into the camera with intensity looking like the ultimate showstopper.


Kihyun is every meaning of the word ‘charismatic’ that exists. Playing again with cool tones, Kihyun’s concept image sees the singer’s face being majorly illuminated by red lighting with one part of his face being highlighted more by blue light. The blue side of his face interestingly stands out even more as they highlight his gaze, and his image is the only one besides Minhyuk’s which sees more of cool shades in comparison.


I.M’s concept image which sees a heavy use of red lighting that works perfectly with his look. His visuals and the red theme give him a fiercely powerful aura. Moreover, the rapper undoubtedly had the world quaking with his limitless dynamism that just added to the overall sexy vibe of the picture.


The use of lighting is extremely fascinating as the red and blue toned colors add to the individual elements in each member’s pictures. It is interesting to see how the varying shades highlight different elements. The concept images creatively highlight the stunning visuals of each member and showcase the theme of FATAL LOVE.

MONSTA X will be releasing three more tantalizing versions of concept photos until October 27. On October 29, the group will reveal an action-packed music video teaser. They will then release an album preview on November 1.

Post this, MONSTA X will be releasing their third full length album FATAL LOVE on multiple music sources on November 2.

Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

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