MONSTA X Slays With Their Lethal Sounds In “FATAL LOVE”

MONSTA X Slays With Their Lethal Sounds In “FATAL LOVE”


MONSTA X is back and with a resounding bang at that. The group brings forth a diverse set of tunes that truly ensure that there are indeed no skips on this one!


Featuring 10 tracks in total, not only does it include songs composed by the members themselves, particularly members Hyungwon, I.M, and Joohoney, who have participated in producing some of the tracks on the album, but also some awesome collaborations. 

MONSTA X truly exceeds expectations with the way they execute each track with absolute finesse. 


The album contains ten songs in total. MONSTA X’s fiery rappers Joohoney and I.M have showcased their musical genius on 8 of the 10 tracks, namely, “LOVE KILLA”, “THRILLER”, “GUESS WHO”, “STAND TOGETHER” and “NIGHT VIEW” and “GASOLINE”.

The duo also participated in composing and writing a track titled “BEASTMODE” alongside none other than singer-songwriter Eric Nam. Moreover, “LAST CARNIVAL” features LDN Noise who is a British songwriting and record production duo.


Another special surprise in the album includes a song called “NOBODY ELSE” by Hyungwon who has not only written but also composed and arranged the piece as well.

Besides this, the track titled “SORRY I’M NOT SORRY” sees the participation of artist Jooyoung on the lyrics as well as composition.


“Oh I’m sorry, did I make you anxious?” Why yes sirs, YES, you did! And no, we’re certainly not complaining! The booming bass, snares, and subtle synths hit in the most thundering manner as soon as this high octane title track commences.

“LOVE KILLA” sees MONSTA X kill it with their dynamic synergy – all from Joohoney and I.M’s flirty yet fierce rap verses, Minhyuk’s refreshing crisp vocals and sweet falsettos, Kihyun’s signature high notes, Shownu adding that air of delicacy to the otherwise dynamic track with his breathy notes in the pre-chorus, to Hyungwon shining like the star he is as he dominates the chorus with his sultry style when he asserts, “It’s cruel and beautiful, love killa, love killa/ Beautiful love killa”

Moreover, the group aims for Monbebes hearts with their powerful ‘dudududu’ gunshot sounds as with their coquettish charms, like absolute stunners, singing of emotions of chasing a fatal love. 

monsta x


If the fiery energy of the magnetic title track wasn’t enough, what better way to fire up the temperatures than with a little bit of “GASOLINE”?  This Latin pop number brings forth that heat and how! This track is flirty as it is fun and is sure to get you grooving singing, “Fire love like gasoline”. 

We love the sensual charms that Hyungwon and Minhyuk bring at the start of this track which sets its overall sultry tone.  Kihyun’s subdued high registers and falsetto in the chorus bring forth a certain brightness in comparison to the otherwise soft vocal styles of the members. 

Shownu and Hyungwon’s mellow vocals towards the second half of the track serve as the perfect pathway for Joohoney and I.M’s wild rap verses that ooze with sexiness from start to end. “GASOLINE” is sure to start a fire in listeners’ hearts that will not be put off anytime soon.


“THRILLER” boasts of a very unique composition. The melody features futuristic orchestral sounds that back the members’ phenomenal styles. Shownu and Kihyun harmonizing their voices in an almost murmuring manner add a certain sharpness to the melody before Joohoney and I.M’s hard-hitting rap verses take over before the chorus that sees Minhyuk and Hyungwon showcasing their low tones and falsetto laced lines. 

The track’s lyricism talks about a fervent love with verses such as, “A thrilling smile, I want you/ Leave us to fate/ I want you bad like a psycho/ Our emotional lines are swirling/ Break me down in your hands/ Love Thriller”

And what is most impressive is how MONSTA X mirror this bad boy energy with élan which is what adds to the ‘thrill’ of this addictive number to say the least. 


“GUESS WHO” got that matchless swag going? Yup, it’s MONSTA X alright as they strike with their dark and intense melodies featuring some passionate and broody lyricism. The bass beat intensifies the ardor of this addictive tune.

This track starts off in an almost hip-hop meets R&B fashion before delving into slow melodies. We are then blessed by the sweet vocals of the members that are backed by an electro beat. The song comes to a full circle towards the end of the chorus with the rap line’s “X, X, X, X, X, X Call me (call me)” amidst a hard-hitting R&B beat. 

The interesting rhythm, as well as the anthemic singing style of the members, is what makes “GUESS WHO” an absolute banger. And sure enough, there are no guesses to know that this is definitely a song that will possibly break that repeat button on listeners’ playlists. 


Now this track has been one we’ve all been waiting to hear, isn’t that right Monbebes? “NOBODY ELSE” is a special track for more reasons than one. It has been written and composed by the alluring Hyungwon for the very first time.

The song track incorporates the essence of a sophisticated pop genre piece. This is expressed using the example of the characteristics of perfume. It talks about love being like a fragrance which is intense at first but fades over time. The vocal line exudes an impassioned demeanor, especially on the catchy chorus. 

However, what takes this song to the next level are the rappers of the group. Joohoney and I.M steal the show with their luscious verses that are enough to make one swoon with lines such as, “Your passing scent/ I fade in more to you/ Don’t you wanna design me/ Why don’t you just tame me/ I want you to love me like I do”. 

This track just proves that indeed, ‘nobody else’ does it like MONSTA X does! 


BRRR RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT – Yes, that’s the sound of us being smacked with the thunderous energy of this high octane number. “BEASTMODE”, as the title suggests is more ferocious than ever with its 808 bass rhythm with snappy synths. The track is one that has already showcased its grandeur in one of the group’s reveals for FATAL LOVE, particularly the “FANTASIA X” Film.

The anthemic verses are enough to stir and perfectly captures what MONSTA X embodies – power and passion. “BEASTMODE” undoubtedly makes a lasting impression with how beautifully it mirrors the strong personas of the members themselves.


Hashtag, fact check, MONSTA X, are DEFINITELY the best best! The hip-hop beats emphasize that and more mainly due to its hard-hitting chorus led prominently by the rap line which is sure to rouse a rebellion in listeners’ hearts. 

What is interesting to note though is how the harmony goes from being almost dreamy in certain parts to being dynamic and explosive in others. This track truly ‘stand’s out for its unique composition and smashing vocals of each of the members as well as the witty verses by the group’s two terrific rappers. 


Yes, it’s a breathtaking song. No, we weren’t prepared for the overwhelming beauty of this beatific number!

“I don’t know what to do, dunno what to do/ So why don’t we just nod all day/ I know what to do I know what to do”, I.M croons away as he sways with his soft, husky vocals which is followed by the spine-tingling melodies by Hyungwon and Minhyuk. Setting a romantic ambiance, Shownu takes the lead in the pre-chorus with his high registers as Kihyun floors with his inviting falsetto singing, “Shining like a waterfall/ Shall we dance on the moonlight”.

Towards the second half of the track we see Joohoney stun with his sweet and sensual lyrics as he raps, “Ok let’s make an analogy, I’m a supercar/ My speed is fast, this night is a green light/ If you decrease the yellow speed/ With the engine on, I’m rеady for the red light/ Go through the vroom noisе/ Increase the volume and choose what you want/ With a heavy bass/ If you’re curious to be sexy, just subtract why girl.”

The ‘shining’ element, if you will, is without a doubt the EDM-pop beat that makes for quite the serene and surreal ambiance that makes you want to hop into a car, go on a drive, top-down on a windy night. 


If the peppy bass-heavy beat leading to smoother R&B rhythms along with MONSTA X’s catchy “Do it, do it” isn’t enough to get you grooving, we don’t know what will!

This track is snazzy to put it simply with its snappy verses that highlight the members’ vocal prowess in the most stellar manner. This laidback tune is one that will get listeners in the mood to let loose and chill.

“Last Carnival” without a doubt, ensures a fun-filled musical ride that one wouldn’t want to get off of. 


This wistful retro-style track is both comforting as well as compelling. Its mellow guitar and synth beat make for quite the evocative ambiance thanks to MONSTA X who shine with their superlative vocals. 

The track is a little melancholic due to its calm composition, the lyricism is further reflective of that energy yet it showcases a sense of assertiveness mainly due to the lines, “Sorry I’m not sorry/ I don’t think it’s my fault/ Sorry I’m not sorry/ I never wanna see you again”

This heartwarming track is one that will keep listeners coming back for more. “Sorry, I’m Not Sorry” is truly a timeless masterpiece. 

With such an impressive mix of compositions showcasing the group’s myriad range of musical spectra from dance anthems, hip-hop, and even some laidback numbers, there is certainly no doubt that MONSTA X indeed came for the kill with “FATAL LOVE”.

The album is testament to the visionary midset of the group and why MONSTA X are the personification of the term ‘powerhouse’! 


Talk about if looks could kill because the music video for “LOVE KILLA” stays true to its title and definitely slays! MONSTA X looks magnificent as they show off some of their tantalizing moves in some of the most alluring attires. 

All from looking chivalrous in chic suits to looking devilishly handsome in some of their edgier outfits, the group definitely showcases their innate dynamism and with confidence at that. Moreover, some of the stills of the music video certainly have a cinematic charm to them, particularly with Hyungwon in his red leather jacket and retro shades looking like a character from Fight Club or Joohoney looking like he walked straight out of Gotham as he showcases his version of the Joker – we were shook to say the least.

The music video is sure to make every Monbebe across the globe fall in love with these ‘love killas’ indeed! 

Photo | Video Credits: Starship Entertainment

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