MONSTA X Tops Hanteo Global Chart For November With “FATAL LOVE”

MONSTA X Tops Hanteo Global Chart For November With “FATAL LOVE”

MONSTA X reign like the kings they are and this time on THE Hanteo Global Chart with their third full-length album FATAL LOVE!

MONSTA X positioned at the first place in the global chart of Hanteo Chart for the month of November. The stellar boy group topped the chart with their latest release FATAL LOVE. 

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According to the album aggregation site, Hanteo Chart, MONSTA X ranked first on the global monthly chart (2020.11.01 ~ 2020.11.30) with their third regular album FATAL LOVE which released on November 2. The multitalented group has shown their global popularity as they took the No. 1 spot in the Hanteo Global Weekly Chart in the 2nd week of November (2020.11.09 ~ 2020.11.15) and the 3rd week of November (2020.11.16 ~ 2020.11.22) as well.

MONSTA X has reiterated their status as global idols with their ever-growing fandom all over the world since their debut. At the beginning of this year, the group’s first studio album ALL ABOUT LUV that was released completely in English ranked in the top 10 on a total of 7 Billboard charts, including in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200 chart. Not only did they garner attention from various media outlets such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, Variety, People, etc., but they were the only performers at Time magazine’s event ‘TIME100 Talks’.


Moreover, MONSTA X has impressed listeners with their powerful and dynamic sounds through each of their albums as well as taken breaths away with their electrifying performances.

The ace group’s recent release FATAL LOVE too, stands as a testament to their musical genius and evolution as powerhouse artists.  It is an album that reveals a fascinating style that challenges the group’s signature intense approach. Through this new release, the members shone with their own compositions as well. Particularly, Hyungwon released his first self composed song called “Nobody Else”, since their debut. Members Jooheon and I.M, who actively participated in the album production especially on the rap verse for all songs, showcased their prowess as composers on the thrilling tracks titled, “BEASTMODE”, “Stand Together” and “Night View”, revealing their wide spectra of musical capabilities.

Besides this, the group further proved their global popularity after connecting with over 770,000 listeners around the world and surpassing 1.55 billion hearts at the comeback show held through Naver V LIVE on the day of their comeback. Soon after their comeback, MONSTA X proved that they are indeed the kings of K-pop after winning two crowns on SBS MTV’s THE SHOW and on MBC’s every1’s Show Champion.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will drive this momentum to accelerate preparations for the year-end awards ceremony.

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