MONSTA X Unleash A Sultry Music Video Teaser For “LOVE KILLA”

MONSTA X Unleash A Sultry Music Video Teaser For “LOVE KILLA”


Stunning, superb, fabulous, fierce? We have officially run out of words to describe this thrilling teaser. MONSTA X look dangerously handsome in the stills of this 24 second teaser and THAT is undeniable.

Though the snippet may be short, it sure has a lasting impression, thanks to the lethal visuals of each of the members. “Got room for one more” and we are blessed with the drop dead gorgeousness of I.M who looks like the ultimate bad boy in his all black all leather ensemble and the red lighting only emphasizes this as he speeds away in a vintage car.

The MONSTA X leader is such a bold boss in that dapper suit! The confidence that Shownu exudes is off the charts and he captures attentions with his commanding gaze and demeanor that one can’t help but be awed by the regality of the frame. Bring that 70s fight club owner/don vibes Chae Hyungwon because we are so here for it! The slick hairdo, those retro shades and the red leather jacket give the sweet vocalist such a sultry vibe that surely enough, will get Monbebes’ hearts racing.


Joohoney stuns with that flaming mullet and those black leather gloves and coat. Moreover the face tattoos only add to his innate ferocity that makes him look like a powerful antagonist. Minhyuk truly stirs with those calm visuals as he stands amidst what seems to be a crime scene, he looks mesmerizing yet mystifying – talk about a fatal stunner!

Kihyun is locked up behind bars and for what crime one may wonder? Well, we think for stealing Monbebes’ hearts! No, but honestly, the vocalist looks absolutely alluring as he stares intently into the lens, looking more dynamic than ever. And if this teaser wasn’t spectacular enough, the group took it to the next level by showcasing some AMAZING dance moves towards the end of the video and furthering anticipations for what’s to come.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be releasing their third full length album FATAL LOVE on multiple music sources on November 2.

Photo | Video Credits: Starship Entertainment

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