MONSTA X Wins Their First-Ever Daesang At The 2020 Asia Artist Awards

MONSTA X Wins Their First-Ever Daesang At The 2020 Asia Artist Awards

MONSTA X proves they are the kings of K-Pop yet again as they win their FIRST-EVER DAESANG!

On November 28, MONSTA X achieved a memorable feat! They received their first Daesang (grand prize). The ace boy group took home the “Stage of the Year” award at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards. This is the multitalented group’s first time receiving the grand prize as they are the first Starship Entertainment artists to receive the grand prize at the AAA.


Post receiving the award, each of the members humbly thanked the fans. Where Kihyun showered his love on fans saying, “Although there were many people who showed a lot of support, love, and help for us to receive this award, I think that our MONBEBE’s help was more significant than anyone else,” I.M averred that he hoped to see their beloved MONBEBEs as soon as the COVID-19 situation gets better, while all the members exclaimed adoringly, “We love you, MONBEBE!”, as they also sweetly stated on their SNS, “Our precious love #MONBEBE! It’s all thanks to you that we were able to win this award.”

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MONSTA X further held a special stage. The group dazzled with their power-packed performances, starting with Jooheon’s self-composed track “Stand Together” from their recent release, FATAL LOVE. Additionally, they also set the stage ablaze with their fiery performances for “Love Killa” and “FANTASIA”.

Through the agency, the members said, “It’s such an honor to receive the first grand prize in the sixth year of our debut. It’s prestigious for us to receive this meaningful award, and we’ll be grateful that this award is given to us by MONBEBEs.” They added, “We still think that all of us members have a lot to grow, so we will not stop here and try to show you better music and performances in the future.”

MONSTA X expressed their gratitude to the staff for their hard work. The awe-inspiring artists also said, “More than anything, MONBEBEs, thank you so much and we love you for being by our side and for being our driving force. We will do our best to become an artist that MONBEBEs can be proud of.”

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Congratulations to the multitalented MONSTA X!

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Source: Starship Entertainment

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