MONSTA X’s Hyungwon & I.M Serve Dazzling Looks For Singles Korea

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon & I.M Serve Dazzling Looks For Singles Korea


MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and I.M teamed up for a dazzling pictorial recently for Singles Korea. Exuding confidence, the two handsome men opened up about their styles and more in an interview that followed the shoot as well.

In this pictorial, Hyungwon and I.M. sizzled in their retro attires as they brought forth a 90s vintage concept. Looking absolutely resplendent, the two bedazzling artists are bound to leave fans awestruck with their raw charisma and beauty that radiates through the aesthetic images. 

Hyungwon, who has also been active as DJ H.ONE, spoke about his experience with music as a DJ. He asserted, “I happened to meet a DJ and learnt from him. He has a different charm from that of a singer because he has a wider range of music. I started because I thought it would be good to try my hand on it. When you perform, you can’t forget the taste of breathing with the audience. I keep DJing because I want to feel that way. It makes you feel more alive when everyone in the concert hall is united and jumping, enjoying, and dancing to the music.”


Elaborating on the same, the vocalist made a very sweet confession as he said, “I am trying to make my fans feel proud of me I don’t think there will be a better gift for my fans than DJing with the music I composed. One of the major reasons I exist is the fans.”

Hyungwon also spoke about the power packed choreographies that MONSTA X is known for. He stated, “There are quite a few outfits (during the choreography) that compliment your body and so I think it’s sexy because there are parts that can be more detailed such as certain outfits showing off the arms or adorning the wrists etc. It’s pretty when you don’t intend it. If you do such moves on purpose, (to show off), you don’t look sexy. And if you pay attention to such places, your body will stiffen up and you can’t do the right moves. It’s bound to be unnatural.”

I.M also spoke about his evolution from his debut to now. He has showcased a steady and impressive growth as an artist and it is certainly undeniable to state simply. He said, “I am a person with a very straightforward personality who is always assertive about what I want to do and I am very open about when I don’t agree with certain things. Conflicts of opinion are fully reconcilable but not tolerable when it comes to being wrong, unjust, or disadvantaged. Fans are well aware of this personality, and call me ‘Nopaku’, which means that there is no way I will back down and also and ‘Koyoung’ because sometimes my mannerisms resemble a cat’s. I don’t know which part of me is like a cat, but I think it is a very cool animal.”

I.MIt is certainly not a secret that the MONSTA X rapper is known for his love of reading. I.M stated that one of his all time favorite books is “The Giving Tree”. He said, “It is my favorite book. When the tree was in full swing, the little boy used to spend a lot of time with it until he stops doing so as a teen. He returns to the tree as an old man, but the tree has now been cut down, with only its stump left behind. The part in the story where the old man sits on the tree stump at the end really made my heart flutter being as it was symbolic of the unending love that gives everything. I wish I could be someone like that. And I wish I had someone like a tree.”

Furthermore, I.M also stated that he is planning to release some solo music soon. He averred, “I’m a steady worker and I’m planning to release a solo album right now, but it’s not clear what format I’ll do it in. I think minor genres of music will probably be the main focus. However, it won’t showcase bright music, but rather mysterious and dreamy tones like the color purple.”

Since the “Newtro” or the 1990s, trends are the current hip theme, the two multitalented artists were asked what was the most ‘newtronian’ part of them. Hyungwon asserted that he adheres to a more analog way of life and prefers cord earphones rather than Bluetooth earphones, fashioned film photos and vintage objects. I.M too, agrees that sticking to the basics is the key as he reveals, “I don’t know so much stuff, but when it comes to pizza, I like the most basic pepperoni pizza. Pizza with a variety of state-of-the-art toppings is not very attractive,” adding “Anything that sticks to the basics is going to go successful. The most basic is the coolest and most trendy.”

Further, both Hyungwon and I.M spoke about the kind of music they would make if they formed a unit and agreed that the themes would be sexy, elegant and extremely aesthetic full of slow tempos for a chill vibe. 


Lastly, they spoke about their upcoming full length album FATAL LOVE. They said, “We think we can bring to you some good music as much as we prepared for a long time. If the music before that time was mainly intense, this time it is more subtle yet impactful that will showcase our strengths and it will be sexy, but with a sense of moderation. [The album] will be released in early November, so we ask for your support.”

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be releasing their third full length album FATAL LOVE on multiple music sources on November 2.

Source: Singles Korea

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