MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Opens Up About His First Self-Composed Song On “FATAL LOVE”

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Opens Up About His First Self-Composed Song On “FATAL LOVE”


MONSTA X unveiled an impressive album preview that has got anticipations for the release of FATAL LOVE at an all-time high. While the album preview is striking and already has excitements soaring through the roof, what’s even more amazing is that showcasing his evolution as an artist is the group’s spellbinding vocalist Hyungwon himself.


The group’s upcoming release sees the inclusion of ten awesome songs in total namely, “LOVE KILLA”, “THRILLER”, “GUESS WHO”, “STAND TOGETHER”, “NIGHT VIEW” and “LAST CARNIVAL”, “GASOLINE”, “BEASTMODE” and “SORRY I’M NOT SORRY”. However, it features a smashing track titled, “NOBODY ELSE” that has been written and composed by Hyungwon for the very first time.

Hyungwon’s “NOBODY ELSE” is a track that incorporates the essence of a sophisticated pop genre piece. This is expressed using the example of the characteristics of perfume. It talks about love being like a fragrance which is intense at first but fades over time.

Besides being a stellar performer and a sweet-toned vocalist, the MONSTA X member is known for his electrifying DJing skills. He made his debut as DJ H.ONE in Ultra Korea (UMF). He performed at the music festival for two consecutive years specifically in 2017 and 2018.

Moreover, he has unleashed some power-packed numbers as a DJ. He released various singles such as “ONE” and “MY NAME,” as well as “BAM! BAM! BAM” that featured fellow MONSTA X member Joohoney.


Speaking about how he felt on having composed his first track “NOBODY ELSE” on FATAL LOVE, through his agency Starship Entertainment, Hyungwon said, “I’m just happy to meet fans with new music in five months. But I’m more excited and nervous to be able to perform my first self-composed song with this album”.

He added that it was refreshing to see the members perform “NOBODY ELSE”, a track that he really worked hard on. Hyungwon spoke about the members with deep affection as he stated, “The members did so much better than I had hoped, so I got an even better song”. He added, “I’m still lacking a lot, but as I’ve worked hard to build up my skills for this song, I’d be really happy if you listened to it and liked it a lot. We’ll be showing you a variety of songs this time, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be releasing their third full-length album FATAL LOVE on November 2 at 1 PM KST.

Source: iMBC

Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment

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