MONSTA X’s I.M Radiates Power In Dazed Korea Pictorial

MONSTA X’s I.M Radiates Power In Dazed Korea Pictorial

MONSTA X’s I.M embodies passion and exudes confidence in the latest pictorial for Dazed Korea!

MONSTA X’s I.M looks absolutely breathtaking as he talks about music, leadership and style in the latest pictorial Dazed Korea’s September issue. The MONSTA X member stunned with his perfect physique and bold fashion as he made a stylish statement in an unbuttoned shirt and hooded zip-up.


In an interview following the shoot, I.M said, “I made an effort for the pictorial. I followed and focused on my diet. Fans would like it if I showed a better image of myself and moreover, I would not be satisfied if I went out without taking proper care of myself.” 

Although he is the youngest member in MONSTA X, I.M has showcased his leadership skills by taking charge of communicating in fluent English within the MONSTA X team. Speaking about his role, he said, “I think about how I can lead the scene in a witty way to not make the atmosphere heavy by just giving formal answers during overseas interviews. Like this, I also try to show my own color while doing the given work.”


Furthermore, I.M shared an interesting insight regarding his collaboration with musician ELHAE for their ambient track “Horizon”. He said, “During a V Live, fans asked me what kind of music I was listening to at the time. I mentioned that I was listening to tracks by the artist ELHAE. The response I got post that was extraordinary with even multiple posts and articles stating that it would be nice if he and I worked together. And so, our Monbebe captured that part of the video and showed it to ELHAE, and that’s how the meeting took place that led to the collaboration.” 


Finally, the multi talented rapper was asked as to what the difference is between MONSTA X’s I.M and Im Changkyun? “I.M appears when Im Changkyun puts on hair and makeup,” I.M amusingly quipped. He added, “Unlike MONSTA X’s I.M, Im Changkyun doesn’t spit out energetic or rapid-fire rap verses and is never quick to speak. Still, I think of MONSTA X’s I.M and Im Changkyun as “I”. This is me and that is me. There is no judgment about which of them I like or dislike more. Cute, cool, sexy, ugly, handsome, all of them are me, yes, I like them all.”

Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview with MONSTA X’s I.M will be available in the September 2020 issue of Dazed Korea.

Source: Dazed Korea

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