MONSTA X’S Joohoney Reveals Captivating Concept Photos For “PSYCHE”

MONSTA X’S Joohoney Reveals Captivating Concept Photos For “PSYCHE”


MONSTA X’s Joohoney unveiled aesthetic concept photos for his upcoming mixtape PSYCHE. The fiery rapper looks absolutely exquisite to state the least as he is both puissant and prepossessing in his all black attire.


Moreover, the images have a very ethereal air to them. Joohoney, who is a visionary artist, looks like a vision amidst a misty and mystifying backdrop. The gleaming yellow of the sky at dawn against the muted tones of blue and green makes the overall imagery striking and breathtaking.

Furthermore, as Joohoney stands in a subdued setting, the rays of the rising sun create somewhat of a halo behind him, making him look more glorious than ever. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the dynamic singer-rapper looks like a true king.

JOOHONEYThe concept images are stirring as they are stunning and give both a serene as well as strong vibe especially with Joohoney’s edgy and dark style. Overall, these concept photos are nothing short of an enthralling evolution of sorts, showcasing a more mature look to Joohoney as compared to the looks from his previous mixtapes.

Meanwhile, Joohoney’s mixtape PSYCHE will be releasing on multiple music sources on October 9. A thrilling track list for the album was disclosed recently. The upcoming mixtape will include seven tracks in total – all of which are written and composed by the powerhouse performer himself! Additionally the album will also see Joohoney collaborate with artists like KEEMBO and former SPICA member Boa Kim and former 4TEN member TEM.

Source: Starship Entertainment

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