MONSTA X’s Joohoney Showcases Power And Poignancy With “PSYCHE”

MONSTA X’s Joohoney Showcases Power And Poignancy With “PSYCHE”


MONSTA X’s Joohoney finally released his much awaited mixtape PSYCHE today. The eclectic mix of tracks are versatile and are sure to get listeners both, hyped up and hit them right in those feels! The rapper-singer brings forth a diverse set of tunes that are evidently straight from the heart. The album is somewhat autobiographical as Joohoney expresses his journey.


PSYCHE sees him delving into deeper feelings through his story as a member of MONSTA X, as a producer, rapper and solo musician – Joohoney expresses these in the most awe-inspiring and authentic way and this is what makes this mixtape a masterpiece to say the least.

First Impressions

This magnetizing mixtape features a total of seven songs namely “INTRO : AMBITION,” “PSYCHE,” “DIA”, “SMOKY” “DARK AND CLOUD (feat. Boa Kim)”, “KING” and “WING SUIT (feat. Tem)”. The mixtape truly showcase the different colors of Joohoney through his visionary perspective in each of the tracks.


The moment he begins rapping, fans are sure to recognize the hard-hitting lines from his intro performance at the Asia Artist Awards 2018 “Jealousy + Shoot Out” performance stage. This is followed by his intro verse from 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice In Japan wherein MONSTA X performed the track “SPARK”.

He then delves into his intro from the group’s “Alligator” Comeback stage and ends the track with his fiery verse from the recent “FANTASIA” Comeback Stage at SBS’ Inkigayo. 

He brilliantly merges each of the intros to create one cohesive number that is captivating and one that exudes confidence to its maximum level with lines such as, “My microphone is the sound that tears the guitar”, “Failure is a word that I don’t have” and “Remember my name JOOHONEY, 1HUNNIT, Whether it’s hurt or pain, let’s bring it on”. This is definitely a track that is energetic as it is empowering.


This track is intense and intriguing for sure. “PSYCHE” is a song that follows the life of a person surrounded with money and fame. Moreover, the keyword “psyche” in this track is ambiguous – it refers to the success or failure that one experiences in life and at the same time it sheds light on the artist’s deepest thoughts to express his inner self.

In the track, Joohoney talks about, well, his psyche. He conveys his views on success and hustling everyday to attain it. Additionally, the minimal drum beat melody combined with the track’s addictive hook and powerful and wild rap verses leave quite a strong impression.


Now this song is a MOOD! “Actually, my mom’s job is a jewelry designer/ I am DIA YA YA,” Joohoney proclaims as he compares himself to a shiny diamond in this upbeat number. The rap verses on “DIA” are snazzy to say the least against the groovy guitar based instrumental of the track. This is definitely a song that will crash the repeat button on listeners’ playlists because it is extremely captivating with its fierce lyricism and boasts of a catchy beat. Without a doubt, Joohoney slays and shines like a diamond on “DIA”.



The rapper had fans feeling the feels when he first unveiled a teaser of this hard-hitting track. It is indeed very stirring to see the otherwise fiery musician showcase his toned-down and more vulnerable side. Joohoney’s emotion laced rap verses and enrapturing chorus as he sings, “Smoky, I’m trying to start again/ Smoky, I’ll take on the pain/ Smoky/ I’m trying to smile again/ Smoky, I can’t see myself again/ Smoky, Come on hold my hand again/ Smoky, I’ll wait for you there,” are enough to tug at listeners’ heartstrings.


“Dark and cloudy, my story of the dark past,” the MONSTA X member reminisces as he croons in his husky voice on this piano based R&B number. The track is like a diary log of sorts wherein Joohoney talks about his pre-debut days and the struggles he faced to getting to where he is today. On the track while Joohoney showcases swag with his strong rap verses, Boa Kim adds this lovely texture to the overall melody, giving the track a certain sultry air to it.



The track has a very lasting impression as Joohoney expresses his raw emotions as he vows to reach to the top and become king.  There is power as well as an air of defiance that surges through every line on this song as the rapper sings, “I am the king, you, the king, these are the kings, they are the king, all the kings/ Each person’s strength is born, feel don’t you know shit/ With my broken wings, I’ll go without fear.” “KING” is a track that declares that the King Joohoney has arrived and how!


“WING SUIT” sees Joohoney reminisce about childhood days as well as his drive for success that he owes to his fam. Of course the rapper steals the show with his lit rap style, however, TEM ensures that all focus is on her as she blazes through her verses she commences saying, “Surprised to see me on a track? I told you all that I’d be back”. What’s more? snippet’s of Oli’s voice during her verse just add this sweetness to the otherwise intense track.

“WING SUIT” is the perfect track to close the album with especially when the rapper ends it with his signature “BAKSU” (Which, believe it or not, we couldn’t help but baksu to)!

Overall, the album is paragon to the musical genius that Joohoney is. Each and every track showcases a different side to him and with keeping both, authenticity and aesthetics in mind at that. The album is aptly named PSYCHE for Joohoney gives a glimpse into his beautiful mind as he projects his emotions and thoughts through each of the smashing songs.

Music Video Musings

Simple but soul-stirring – is what the mesmerizing monochrome music video is. The moment the video begins, you know you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. Joohoney evokes a sense of loneliness as he walks / runs alone amidst a hazy setting in his all black attire.

Moreover, the MONSTA X member brings the heartrending emotions of the track to life with his mannerisms and expressions in the video. The rapper running through the smoke is somewhat representative of him trying to reach for clarity before he is engulfed by the smog that could be indicative of anxious thoughts or feelings.

This is even seen in the lyricism as in the song Joohoney expresses his unease as he sings, “They’re gonna try to bring me down/ My future smoky” but also his sincere plea for seeing through these clouds of smoke when he avers, “I’m trying to start again.”


The music video is extremely poignant and powerful primarily in several shots of the rapper running endlessly, his pained expressions and especially when he screams as he covers his ears – all these instances and more are enough to make viewers feel a twinge and maybe even shed a tear or two.

MONSTA X’s Joohoney has truly showcased his mettle as a powerhouse artist with this mixtape and there is certainly no denying that.

Source: Starship Entertainment

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