MONSTA X’s Joohoney Stuns With A Teaser Of His Track “SMOKY”

MONSTA X’s Joohoney Stuns With A Teaser Of His Track “SMOKY”


MONSTA X’s Joohoney gave fans a spellbinding gift on his birthday. The rapper unveiled a thrilling teaser for the track “SMOKY” from his upcoming mixtape PSYCHE. 

The teaser is reminiscent of the concept images that Joohoney revealed recently. It sees the magnetic musician captivating with his powerful gait as he walks amidst a setting reflective of the title of the track, “SMOKY”. As he walks, he avers “Wake up. It’s time to go right now, don’t be scared. No one can hurt you now.”

There is a sudden shift in the tranquil ambiance as Joohoney picks up pace and begins running. The atmosphere goes from being placid to being powerful as the R&B synth and guitar based rhythm drops and the rapper dynamically sings, “SMOKY, I’m trying to start again. SMOKY, I’m sick of the pain. SMOKY, I’m trying to smile again.” The lyricism so far is certainly evocative as it is uplifting and one that is evident – comes straight from the heart.


The teaser surely has anticipations for the upcoming mixtape soaring through the roof. The rapper not only leaves fans awestruck with his compelling music but also his artistic sense in the mesmerizing teaser.

Furthermore, Joohoney’s solo mixtape will feature a total of seven songs namely “INTRO: AMBITION,” “PSYCHE,” “DIA”, “SMOKY” and “KING”. All of the tracks are produced by him along with 9F and WIZRD.


Moreover, it will also see the participation of artists like KEEMBO and former SPICA member Boa Kim and former 4TEN member TEM on the tracks, “DARK & CLOUDY” and “WINGSUIT” respectively.

Meanwhile, Joohoney’s highly anticipated mixtape PSYCHE will be releasing on multiple music sources on October 9.

Source: Starship Entertainment

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  1. This is, without a doubt, going to be amazing. Joohoney NEVER disappoints. I love the raw emotion in his mixtapes and cannot wait for this to come out!

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