MONSTA X’s Shownu And Joohoney Stun In A Pictorial For ESQUIRE Korea

MONSTA X’s Shownu And Joohoney Stun In A Pictorial For ESQUIRE Korea


MONSTA X’s Shownu and Joohoney have captivated fans with their latest November pictorial. Dressed in bold looks, donning leather pants and leather jackets the members showcase a fierce masculine side to them. With intense and serious expressions the MONSTA X members are undoubtedly charming and handsome as ever.


Both the MONSTA X members have recently been making their fans happy with a number of activities. The MONSTA X leader recently released the track “I’ll Be There” for tvN’s drama Tale of the Nine Tailed, which is also the first solo OST song after his debut. The song has been a hit among Monbebes and the fans of the drama as well. Moreover, the talented rapper Joohoney released his fourth mix tape PSYCHE earlier this month which not only topped charts but also showcased a different side to him.
In the interview post the shoot, Shownu and Joohoney opened up about their upcoming comeback album and more. Shownu asserted, “This comeback seems to be a bit lighter than before. If it felt like we were always sweating and exhausting our stamina, and preparing like sharpening a knife, this time, it just felt like “We’ll just make a comeback!” and I felt a little more relaxed keeping that feeling in mind”. 

Joohoney added, “Looking back whenever we had a comeback, there were a lot of worries about why the sound source wasn’t good compared to what we tried, but now it’s a little different. In this album, I am very excited because the purpose is to show it as it is in our style.”

MONSTA X has been impressing with their high powered performances. When asked what kind of energy they will be showcasing with this comeback, Joohoney averred that this time they would be bringing forth the same kind of intensity albeit with moderation. 

Furthermore, he also spoke about his experience in making music especially in the soon to be released full album. The supercool rapper expressed, “I can’t tell you the details yet, but I revised the tracks about 200 times and completed them. I think I fixed it so much that I didn’t want to hear it again. I wanted to make good music. I listened to it on the earphones, in cars, and in high-end speakers. I wanted to make good songs somehow. I’m proud that they’re great songs that only MONSTA X can show.
Besides this, the duo also spoke about their lifestyle and what makes them happy during the ongoing situation around the world. Joohoney said that for him, he feels contented when he listens to good lectures or TED talks. He also touched upon his love for his role model Michael Jackson and admitted that he watches videos and listens to tracks by the King of Pop atleast twice in the week.
Shownu quite endearingly so, stated of what makes him happy, “I’m really simple, but when I just enter the dorm, I get happy with food,” adding “I have no food I hate.”
However, the MONSTA X leader also emphasized on need to be fit. He said, “If you want to eat, eat to your heart’s content and exercise. There are a lot of people who work too hard, so I can’t say if they manage their diet. But if you just eat one meal with junk food, you should care about the next meal just as much and trying to eat something better like a salad or juice without sugar.”
Joohoney too, revealed his secret to being healthy. He said,  “I do CrossFit. If there’s anything special, it’s about drinking 2 liters of water a day. Exercise is really hard, but I often drink a lot of water and doing so, makes my body feel lighter. When I wake up in the morning, I feel refreshed and when I exercise, it seems that all the toxins are releasing from my system and my skin feels brighter.” 
The full version of the pictorial and interview can be found in the November issue of ESQUIRE Korea. Meanwhile, MONSTA X is now gearing up to make a much awaited comeback on November 2 with their 3rd full length album FATAL LOVE.

Source: ESQUIRE Korea

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