MONSTA X’s Shownu And Minhyuk Reveal A Sweet First Preview Of Their OST Track “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”

MONSTA X’s Shownu And Minhyuk Reveal A Sweet First Preview Of Their OST Track “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”

Okay but can someone show us how to fast forward to Friday?

MONSTA X’s Shownu and Minhyuk are going to release their highly anticipated single from the OST of the Daum webtoon 취향저격 그녀 (She’s My Type) . The duo revealed the first preview of the sweet song and showcased some beautiful melodies that unquestionably has fans swooning to their tranquil tunes. 

In the preview that released today showcases stills of the lead characters Chanyeol and Haedam sitting up in their beds lost in thought. During these snippets, Shownu’s sonorous voice exudes warmth as he showcases his musical prowess with stirring high notes and pristine falsettos. Mihyuk sounds absolutely endearing as his honeyed vocals take over in the pre-chorus before harmonizing euphoniously with Shownu’s vocals to create a mellifluous listening experience!

The lyricism is exceptionally adorable to say the least especially with the sneak peek of the lines so far such as, “Be in my arms, don’t worry/ I remember clearly/ When the stars fall, say your wish/ I’ll see you in your love/ I guess I won’t fall asleep/ The sound of your little breath tickles my ears/ Your day that shines exceptionally wasn’t easy/ You sleep well, now have a goodnight.”

The dulcet voices of Shownu and Minhyuk give the track quite a dreamy vibe. The song is one that brings forward the ambiance of a breezy night and is an expression of the feelings of the lead character Chanyeol towards Haedam.

Created by artist Roseong, it follows the story of a tomboy Haedam who is friend zoned by her first love Hochan. But when she makes the wrong impression on her first day of school, she realizes she needs the help of her reluctant neighbor Chanyeol who secretly works as a beauty vlogger. When she accidentally stumbles upon his secret, she promises to keep mum in exchange for his help to win over her love interest.

The romance webtoon is available on Daum and has garnered rave reviews and popularity as evident with a rating of 9.9 and has accumulated over 200 million views. Meanwhile, Shownu and Minhyuk will unveil “HAVE A GOOD NIGHT” on various music sites at 6 PM KST on September 11.

Source: Starship Entertainment | TOON STUDIO

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