MONSTA X’s Shownu And Minhyuk Reveal A Sweet Live Clip Of Their OST Track “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”

MONSTA X’s Shownu And Minhyuk Reveal A Sweet Live Clip Of Their OST Track “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”

MONSTA X’s dynamic duo Shownu and Minhyuk are here to dazzle listeners yet again!

MONSTA X’s Shownu and Minhyuk revealed a heartwarming second live clip of them performing their recent release, “HAVE A GOODNIGHT”. The collaboration track is from the OST of the Daum webtoon She’s My Type that boasts of a stellar lineup. Besides the MONSTA X members, other multitalented artists including B1A4’s Sandeul, Gray, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and Car, the Garden have participated in the webtoon’s OST. 

The second live clip featuring Shownu and Minhyuk released today. The vocalists look absolutely handsome and poised sitting in a beautiful patio setting. Moreover, the backdrop with the perfectly placed plants, the dainty chandeliers and the ambient fairy lights exude quite a romantic vibe akin to the track itself. 

The medium tempo ballad is the epitome of the word dreamy! Shownu and Minhyuk’s vocals against the analog-style synth and soft bass melody, create a heartwarming listening experience. The lyricism is sweet and sincere as seen in lines such as, “Forget what has passed/ Throw away thoughts that make you dizzy/ It’ll be a good morning, live with that vibe/ Don’t worry about unkept promises/ It’ll be alright, believe in yourself/ Good morning, say hello”

The track also is a testament to Shownu and Minhyuk’s musical genius as both singers charm with their lilting low notes, spectacular high notes and pristine falsettos. The chorus especially, sees the two artists harmonize their vocals in the most beautiful manner when they sing “I can’t fall asleep/ The small sound of your breath/ Tickles my ear/ Your day seemed especially bright/ But I’m sure it wasn’t easy/ You did such a good job, now have a goodnight”. 

Shownu and Minhyuk sound unequivocally ethereal which is what makes “HAVE A GOODNIGHT” an evocative and enchanting song that ensures that listeners truly have a good night filled only with warm smiles and happy thoughts. 

Source: Starship Entertainment | TOON STUDIO

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