N.Flying’s Hweseung Releases A Rocking Harmony Version Of “Run To You “

N.Flying’s Hweseung Releases A Rocking Harmony Version Of “Run To You “

N.Flying’s Hweseung dazzles with his dulcet tunes and this time with a riveting rendition of his own OST track “Run To You” from the MBC drama The Spies Who Loved Me!

N.Flying’s Hweseung showcased his innate charisma as he enraptured with his stellar vocals on the Harmony version of the track “Run To You”. The track is a part of the OST of the drama The Spies Who Loved Me. 

“Run To You” is an uber impressive number to state the least. The track is a powerful hard rock-style song that is striking especially due to Hweseung’s spectacular singing style that is backed by a dynamic treble and high octane heavy guitar riffs.

In this latest video, the singer looks like the epitome of the word ‘handsome’ as he stuns like the show-stopper he is in his bold black ensemble. The Harmony version of the track is as its name suggests, harmonious. It spotlights the N.Flying member’s superlative vocals. In each of the frames, Hweseung simply shines with his musical capabilities as he showcases his breathtaking breathy vocal style to his signature high notes.


Moreover, it is quite intriguing to see him harmonizing his vocals through each of the frames as he brings forth an evocative listening experience. To say that the vocalist spellbinds one verse after another would be nothing but an understatement.

Add to it, its heartening lyricism that is akin to a passionate love confession with lines such as,

Where you are I will run all night
I’ll protect you with all I have
I want you to hold my hand
Love burns like crazy
I can’t stop

And paired with Hweseung’s euphonious voice, the track is one that is listeners will undoubtedly ‘run to’ play on loop!


Listen To & Add N.Flying’s Hweseung’s Awesome OST track here:

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Photo | Video Credits: FNC Entertainment

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