N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub Dazzles With His Debut Album “ON THE TRACK”

N.Flying’s Lee Seung Hyub Dazzles With His Debut Album “ON THE TRACK”

N.Fia it’s time to groove to J.DON’s funky tunes as he makes a dynamic debut with his album “ON THE TRACK”!

N.Flying’s multitalented leader Lee Seung Hyub has officially made his debut as J.DON with the release of his album ON THE TRACK.

Lee Seung Hyub Clicker

The album contains three refreshing numbers, each which highlight the artist’s multifold abilities in the finest way and show off his diverse musical spectra.

First Impressions

Lee Seung Hyub redefines the term ‘musical genius’ with ON THE TRACK. The album is a flawless example of his visionary style given that each of the three tracks are self-composed by the N.Flying leader himself. Moreover, through all of the tracks, J.DON unravels a different color to himself which is quite striking to say the least.


Right off the bat, it’s safe to state that the lead track is an absolute bop! “Clicker” features an enlivening harmony composed of an interesting merger of funky sounds from the 80s with the groovy hip-hop beats from the 90s.

The song’s refreshing rhythm certainly amplifies thanks to its addictive guitar melody and a blues style organ tunes which complement J.DON’s sleek vocals in a pristine way.

Additionally, the lyrics too are reflective of the track’s uplifting musical style as it talks about transforming a negative frame of mind into a positive way of thinking by the means of a ‘clicker’.

Lee Seung Hyub On The Track

Moon & Cheese

“Moon & Cheese” is unquestionably a track that spotlights the N.Flying leader’s innate creative abilities. Lee Seung Hyub’s sing-rap style harmonizes like a dream with the laidback retro type rhythm of the track.

The song talks about taking a trip to the moon in search of cheese. The track is filled with intriguing metaphors which seem almost autobiographical. It also includes a sweet shoutout to the group’s beloved fans as he sings, “The message to the fans is E-YO”. This cool number certainly gives an introspective glimpse into the worldview of Lee Seung Hyub through its riveting lyricism.

Moreover, the groovy rhythm, the vintage style electric guitar and hip-hop beats add this intriguing texture to J.DON’s breezy vocals. Overall, this is definitely a track that is bound to make listeners hit that repeat button again and again!

Lee Seung Hyub

Superstar (Feat. CHEEZE)

Last but certainly not least, Lee Seung Hyub takes breaths away with his breathy tunes on a soft and sweet number titled “Superstar”. The track boasts of a lilting bossa nova beat and is lead by tranquil guitar riffs. To further the coolness quotient of the song, it sees the songstress CHEEZE featuring alongside the rapper.

This track unquestionably has that feel-good factor. Both artists beautifully harmonize their vocals which makes for quite the heartwarming listening experience.

Additionally, its lyricism too is in line with its romantic theme and features lines like, “You’re a Superstar/ You make me shine/ An unnamed night/ It’s giving us meaning”.

All in all, with “ON THE TRACK”, Lee Seung Hyub showcases that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with as he proves his mettle as an ace artist through his eclectic mix of tunes in his debut album!

Music Video Musings

If the music video for Lee Seung Hyub’s title track “Clicker”, had to be defined in a single word, then the word would be ‘superb’.

The captivating clip certainly brings the track’s uplifting message to life with its kaleidoscopic stills. The singer-rapper warms hearts with not just the song but with his upbeat demeanor and radiant visuals as well.

Not only that, J.DON emphasizes why he is an awesome leader as the little references to N.Flying in the clip only take the cuteness factor of the video up a notch – proving that the video is not only a treat for the ears but the eyes too!

Photos and Video Credits: FNC Entertainment

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