N.Flying Charms In Refreshing Jacket Posters For Their Upcoming Album

N.Flying Charms In Refreshing Jacket Posters For Their Upcoming Album

N.Flying is all set to rock and roll with their forthcoming out of this world release titled Man on the Moon!

Brace yourselves N.Fia, your best boys N.Flying are here to up the coolness quotient this summer as they dropped some vibrant photos for their upcoming release. The supertalented quintet revealed their mesmerizing charms in their Jacket Poster A that were unveiled across their official SNS.


With the release of the first jacket posters, it is certainly safe to state that the group furthers expectations for their first full-length album that comes after 6 years since their debut.

The title of the A edition of the images, “OUTSIDE ver.” is befitting to say the least. The five members shine like the sun as they pose regally amidst a lush green setting. Moreover, their solo shots intrigue for what’s to come with the album as each of the images bear the phrase, “If you wanna change Be not afraid”. 

Look who’s making heads turn with his model visuals? Why, its none other that the ever endearing Jaehyun himself. The drummer looks like the embodiment of the word charismatic with his bright blue hair and green ensemble.

N.Flying Jaehyun

Yoo Hwe Seung slays with his glamorous appearance. The dynamic vocalist looks like he walked straight out of a fashion magazine as he sports a suited up look. Without a doubt, he spellbinds with his striking features and slick style.


Bringing forth a tranquil feel is the dashing Dong Sung who captures with his emotive gaze. The close up shot undeniably highlights the multitalented maknae‘s show-stopping visuals in the most aesthetic way. Moreover, his dark tresses paired with his edgy ensemble evoke quite a moody feel.

Dong Sung

The otherwise cool leader smolders in his solo shot as Seung Hyub is sure to claim every heart with that piercing gaze. His features are partially covered with a thin blue veil but even so, it only adds to the beauty of the overall photo. The rapper-singer personifies the term ‘handsome’ and with panache at that.

N.Flying Seung Hyub

Last but certainly not least, Hun displays a regal style and enchants with his princely allure. The star’s dual toned hair and minimal makeup put emphasis on the his innate glam. Moreover, his elegant outfit and bold demeanor only maximizes the magnetism of the overall concept of the image.

N.Flying Hun

Post the release of the images, N.Flying will be setting hearts aflutter with their Jacket Photos B on May 25. The group will then follow it up with their “Moonshot” Spoiler on May 26.

Adding to the intrigue for the forthcoming release, the mood poster and mood teaser will release sequentially from May 27 to June 1. N.Flying will then give a taste of “Moonshot” with their first MV Teaser arriving on June 2.

Later,  a Track List Poster and Highlight Medley will follow. They will be releasing on June 3 and June 4 respectively. And finally, the rocking band will unveil their second teaser for “Moonshot” on June 5.


Meanwhile, N.Flying, will release their first studio album across multiple music sources on June 7.

Photos Credits: FNC Entertainment

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