N.Flying Channels Retro Glam In New Jacket Posters For “Man on the Moon”

N.Flying Channels Retro Glam In New Jacket Posters For “Man on the Moon”

N.Flying are here to claim hearts with their trendy styles in the new jacket posters for their upcoming album!

N.Flying beguiles in their B version of jacket posters for their forthcoming first studio album titled Man on the Moon. The quintet is the quintessence of perfection in these cool images that are sure make every N.Fia melt. Each of the members spotlight their model features in the finest way.


Moreover, just as in the A version of the images, the B version piques curiosities. The members’ solo shots not only impress but also highlight a phrase that reads, “Wonderful my universe”.

The group’s loveable leader Seung Hyub captures with his hypnotizing gaze. Sporting a vintage style sweater and neutral pants, the talented musician looks positively prepossessing. The overall theme undeniably brings the focus onto the star’s pristine visuals to say the least.

N.Flying Lee Seung Hyub

Next, Hun enraptures with his strong yet subtle gaze which caters to a more relaxed and romantic ambience. The ace artist’s flawless features only further the allure of the jacket photo. It goes without saying that he definitely warms hearts with his mellow looks as he exudes a timeless charisma.


Jaehyun looks breathtaking to simply say so. His image has quite the pin-up style look to it as well as major chill vibes. Rocking a laidback meets edgy ensemble, the drummer is quite the show-stopper. It is safe to state that, the multifaceted artist looks like a work of art himself in this click indeed.


Hwe Seung looks effortlessly cool in his chic plaid and jeans look. Moreover, his almost wet hairdo adds to his boyish charms. He mesmerizes with his his soft features, expressive eyes, and his snazzy style. The vocalist may be sweet but he definitely channels a sultry mood in his solo click.

Hwe Seung

Last but certainly not least, Dong Sung looks like the ultimate stunner in his still. He looks absolutely radiant as he unravels his innate glam in the most magnetic way. The pastel toned ensemble and the minimalistic makeup only illuminates the bassist’s ingenuous features in the most artistic way.

Dong Sung

Meanwhile, N.Flying will release their first studio album titled Man on the Moon across multiple music sources on June 7.

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Photos Credits: FNC Entertainment

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