N.Flying Releases A Soul-Stirring Music Video For Their Song “STARLIGHT”

N.Flying Releases A Soul-Stirring Music Video For Their Song “STARLIGHT”

N.Fia get your boxes of tissues ready for this heartfelt video by N.Flying will surely make you shed a tear or two!

N.Flying released a warm music video for their special digital single track titled, “STARLIGHT.”  The sentimental single is composed by N.Flying’s leader Lee Seung Hyub. The group captivate with their soul-stirring vocals that are sure to hit listeners right in those feels. The clear and refreshing marimba melody backed with rich and warm guitar riffs and rhythmic drums create an evocative ambiance.  

The track was first released on Seung Hyub’s SoundCloud account under J.Don about 7 months ago. The song was also revealed during N.Flying’s FLY HIGH PROJECT in 2019 as well. 

As for the story behind the track, J.Don expressed that he had written the track after his grandfather passed away and he noticed that his grandmother had been using his grandfather’s photo as a profile picture on social media with a caption meaning “beloved friend.” The instance really inspired the musician to write “STARLIGHT.”


The animated music video is sure to tug at viewers’ heartstrings as it expresses the sincere story of Seung Hyub’s grandparents in a beautiful way.  Starting off on a sweet note, the old couple share lighthearted moments.  Holding balloons representing their memories, the couple stroll alongside a sea shore.

As the video progresses, the old man slowly transforms into a child while the balloons slip away from his hand one by one. However, he holds onto just a single balloon until the end on which he draws the face of his wife – the only memory he has left. 

In what can be called as one of the most stirring moments, when its time for him to go, on another balloon he draws his face on it and ties it onto his wife’s finger. He finally lets go of her memory and leaves her with his memory that he drew on the balloon.

And so, under the starry sky the old man’s wife sits holding onto his memory as the song drifts off with the lines, “I just want to see you once/ Staring up at the sky/They’ll remember me. They’ll stay with me/ It’s still in the deep waves/ Become a beautiful star/Blooming. Whisper far away, STARLIGHT. “

A captivating and comforting video to say the least, not just because of its emotive, poetic lyrics, but also due to its poignant conceptualization as well. 

Source/Images: FNC

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