N.Flying Reveals An Enthralling Spoiler Of Their Track “Moonshot”

N.Flying Reveals An Enthralling Spoiler Of Their Track “Moonshot”

N.Flying are bringing forth some rocking tunes and this stellar spoiler is just testament to that!

N.Flying is making every N.Fia’s day better as they give a taste of “Moonshot” through an electrifying spoiler clip. The track is the lead number of their first full album Man on the Moon, and honestly, it is just raising expectations for what’s to come.

The title song flaunts the same surreal title poster for their album. It features a striking silhouette of the N.Flying members. They are jamming on what seems to be a rooftop while their figures are illuminated by the moonlight.

The title track “Moonshot” is an powerpacked alternative rock number that is backed by a high octane rhythm. The song will seemingly channel the message of fearlessly taking a step towards change.

The spoiler clip undeniably gives a glimpse into the dynamic style of the track. However, it also gave an exciting reveal embedded in it as well. The lyrics through the video read as , “꺼내 들어 We can fire in _______t. 날 삼키는 ___마 이것 따위 ___t . 더 높이 쏘아 올라 식어 가는 __로. Fan the fire. Man on the M___”.

The lyrics are what contain the amazing surprise for fans. According to an intriguing image shared for the same on the group’s official SNS, N.Fia will have to guess the blanked out words from the “Moonshot” Spoiler video.

Those who will surmise the answer correctly will stand a chance to win exciting gifts through a lottery. To participate, fans must complete the entirety of the missing lyrics from the video.

For submitting the answers, N.Fia must reply to the tweet with the hashtags #NFlying #Moonshot and #Moonshot_Spoiler. The participation period commences from May 26 and concludes on May 28 at 6 PM KST. What’s more? Five lucky winners will be receiving a signed copy of the group’s album. Additionally, the winners will be announced on N.Flying’s official account.

Besides this, through the regular album, the five fabulous members are aiming to capture the theme of overcoming fear that makes one feel small. Just as the moon moves freely, N.Flying aspires to draw a future where one stands on the moon and leaps towards a new world.


Meanwhile, N.Flying will be setting N.Fia’s hearts aflight with their out of this world harmonies. The bedazzling boy group will be revealing their first full album Man on the Moon across various music sites on June 7 at 6 PM KST.

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Photos | Video Credits: FNC Entertainment

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