N.Flying Shines With Their Electrifying Live Performance Of “STARLIGHT”

N.Flying Shines With Their Electrifying Live Performance Of “STARLIGHT”

N.Flying created a soul-stirring and evocative ambiance with a heartfelt live performance of their recently released track, “STARLIGHT”!

N.Flying revealed a captivating live performance video for their emotional rock ballad track, “STARLIGHT” on their official YouTube channel. The performance was a part of the group’s online concert NOOB CON that took place on July 25 and August 2, respectively.

The members Seung Hyub, Hweseung, Hun, Jaehyun, and Dongsung, all look absolutely cool in their casual chic looks as they leave fans breathless with their breath taking performance. Hweseung’s high notes merged with Seung Hyub’s low tones makes for a heart shaking music experience while, Hun, Dongsung and Jaehyun on instrumentals add an electrifying flair to the track. This is without a doubt, a picture perfect performance that fans wouldn’t want to miss out on!

n.flying noob con

Besides this, the group had unveiled a sentimental and sweet animated music video for “STARLIGHT” as well. The music video surely left N.Fia on the lookout for a box of tissues due to the beautiful depiction of the story of leader Seung Hyub’s grandparents.

As for the story behind the track, Seung Hyub expressed that he had written the track after his grandfather passed away. He noticed that his grandmother had been using his grandfather’s photo as a profile picture on social media with a caption meaning “beloved friend”, and it was this instance that inspired him to write this song.  


Furthermore, the single is composed by the N.Flying leader. The group truly captivate with their soul-stirring vocals that are sure to hit listeners right in those feels. The clear and refreshing marimba melody backed with rich and warm guitar riffs and rhythmic drums create an evocative ambiance.  

Besides, “STARLIGHT” was first released on Seung Hyub’s SoundCloud account under J.Don about 7 months ago. The song was also revealed during N.Flying’s FLY HIGH PROJECT in 2019 as well. 

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