N. Flying Stun With Spectacular Performances On “NOOB CON”

N. Flying Stun With Spectacular Performances On “NOOB CON”

N.Flying undoubtedly impressed with their rocking performances in their late night virtual concert NOOB CON!

N.Flying held their online late-night concert NOOB CON on V Live at 10:11 PM KST on July 25. Opening the stage on a breezy note, the group performed their track, “Sunset,” that totally screamed chill vibes with its serene atmosphere reminiscent of the cool summer sea.

The members left fans speechless with their perfect visuals and vocals. N.Flying set quite the vibe akin to an tranquil summer night. The multi-talented musicians had the absolute set list prepared for the same that entailed performances of some of their awesome numbers, namely, “Oh really.” “I’M GONNA,” “Rooftop,” “Hot Potato,” etc.

N.Fia certainly got the coolest concert experience straight at home as ensured by N.Flying. Whats more? Fans got to virtually be a part of the show as well. A special stage was prepared for the track, “E-YO,” wherein fans from all over the world sent in videos of themselves singing along to the lyrics of the track.

With the videos playing across multiple screens, it made for a beautiful moment for both, N.Fia as well as N.Flying. Seeing their fans croon to their track, truly touched the idols who were evidently overwhelmed with emotions.

n.flying noob con

Furthermore, as a sweet gift to fans, N.Flying presented a live stage act of the special digital single “STARLIGHT,” that released a day before NOOB CON on July 24. Composed by the group’s leader Lee Seung Hyub, the soothing song was made in honor of his late grandfather when he noticed that his grandmother had been using his grandfather’s photo as a profile picture on social media with a caption meaning “beloved friend.”

The audiences showered their love for the group during the performances as they cheered on with special emojis for each of the tracks particularly with stars for “STARLIGHT” and cherry blossoms for “Flower Fantasy” and “Spring Memories”.

n.flying noob con
N.Flying  captivated with their charms amidst colorful themes. During the first half of the show, each of the members exuded glam in their casual chic looks before they moved to the second stage with comfortable, cute and cozy looks as they delightfully performed their vibrant track “Youth”.

Moreover, they also performed the acoustic version of an unreleased song titled, “ASK” which is written by guitarist Hun.  For their flawless finale they took breaths away with an amazing ASMR performance of “GOOD BAM”.

n.flying noob con
Post NOOB CON, N.Flying released special video “BOON CUT” videos for fans, wherein they showed their charms in the most charismatic way!

Following the first live performance on July 25, N.Flying’s NOOB CON concert will consist of a total of two online streamings. The second broadcast will be live on August 2 at 11:11 AM KST.

Source: iMBC

Images Credit To: FNC

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