#NowPlaying : BTS’ Jin Spellbinds With His Soulful Single “Abyss”

#NowPlaying : BTS’ Jin Spellbinds With His Soulful Single “Abyss”

BTS’ Jin surprises fans with a heartfelt gift on his birthday and impresses with an introspective song titled “Abyss”!

To say that BTS’ Jin poured his heart and soul into this stirring soft ballad, would be nothing short of an understatement. The singer brings forth a sense of calm and comfort with his compelling tunes as he reveals his deepest emotions through “Abyss”.

The riveting number is a result of a stellar collaboration between Jin, producers BUMZU and Pdogg, and fellow BTS member RM. The song spotlights an earnest sense of pathos with its poetic vibe that is highlighted through Jin’s soft and sonorous voice.

Talking about the sentimental song, the sweet vocalist averred he recently experienced a burnout. Through this track he wanted to capture his emotions he felt during those dark times. He said, “After winning the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, we got a lot of praise, but I wondered if I deserved this because there are people who love music more than me and are better than me”.


He added, “I received counseling regarding this issue and spent each day as they were before having a conversation with Bang PD-nim who suggested whether I’d like to express such feelings through music. I gave the response that I didn’t have the confidence to make it well, I was worried the end result wouldn’t be good and was already at a level in which such things would not be acceptable.. but Bang PD-nim said such things weren’t important. But if I was to do it, he promised that I would do well, and he would find someone who would match well with me.”

Jin expressed that this is how he met producer BUMZU. He stated, “I talked a lot with him about these feelings and he encouraged me a lot to do a song about it and gave me a lot of positivity”.

Though he admitted that the track may not be a song that is ideal for a birthday, he said that “I think it’ll be more awkward to release it on a day that wasn’t my birthday, so I decided to release “Abyss”.


If Jin sang “Moon” for his beloved ARMY, “Tonight” for his treasured pets, and “Mom” for his parents, he sang this time for himself. The track makes a loud and powerful statement with its soft and serene tones.

With “Abyss”, the versatile artist moves with his mellifluous melodies. From faultless falsettos to light and breathy notes, Jin shines like the lunar prince he is on this pleasant number that boasts of a lilting acoustic guitar and piano harmony.


Singing, “But still, I remain with myself/ I don’t hear any sounds and I’m only walking in circles/ That dark place that I wanted to be locked in, that I wanted to go/ I’ll be there/ But today, I’m yet again by your side”, the BTS member revealed his vulnerability with a keen poignancy, tugging at heartstrings one verse after another.

“Abyss” is truly a masterpiece – one that is a testament to Jin’s authenticity as a gifted musician! The track is beguiling to simply say so.

🎉 Here’s Wishing The Worldwide Handsome Lunar Prince Jin A Very Happy Birthday! 🎉

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