Oh My Girl x Pororo Release A Super Sweet “SUPADUPA” Music Video

Oh My Girl x Pororo Release A Super Sweet “SUPADUPA” Music Video

Oh My Girl teamed up with the Korean cartoon character Pororo as ‘Po My Girl’ for the super adorable “SUPADUPA” music video!

Oh My Girl revealed a pastel themed music video for the track “SUPADUPA” in collaboration with Pororo, the lovable cartoon penguin from the Korean children’s program Pororo The Little Penguin. 

On August 16, the girl group revealed the enlivening music video that shone with vibrancy as adding to the charm alongside Oh My Girl and Poporo were other popular characters from the show, including Loopy and Petty.

The music video is the definition of the term cute as it showcases the septet looking absolutely striking amid cotton candy colored backdrops while performing alongside the endearing cartoon characters. 

“SUPADUPA” is a song that spreads the message of hope and courage in the voices of Pororo and Oh My Girl. Besides this, it also conveys a message of support, with lines such as, “When you’re out of breath, exhausted and struggling, take courage and shout out loud SUPADUPA.” The track also aims to be uplifting as the lyricism urges listeners to follow their passion albeit in their own pace. 

Hailing from the surf music genre, “SUPADUPA” is a song that is harmonious due to its simple melody to cater to the kind of music that can be enjoyed by all generations from infants to adults. Oh My Girl’s peppy voices, the addictive lyrics, and the playful choreography add to the allure of the video and the track. Meanwhile, Oh My Girl’s 2018  release Banana Allergy Monkey will be released as a Pororo version as well.

Video Source: WM Entertainment

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