ONEUS Gears Up For Their Upcoming Comeback

ONEUS Gears Up For Their Upcoming Comeback

ONEUS is all set to get fans grooving to some smashing new tunes soon!

ONEUS is going to be delivering some dynamic music soon. The stellar boy group unveiled a dark and stirring snippet on their official SNS for their upcoming release. Titled Devil, the teaser amps up curiosities with its mystifying details.

In the clip that was unveiled, it highlights a powerful logo alongside the phrase “Lived”. Further, into the teaser, the word morphs into the term”Devil”. Add to it the haunting melody that backs the video, it only notches up the somber nature of the reveal.

The upcoming release marks the boy group’s comeback in just a month after they unveiled their digital single “BBUSEYO”. The song is one on which the group truly impressed with their striking styles, saccharine vocals and rap verses on the punk-pop track as they sang about someone making a strong impression on one’s heart.


ONEUS has surely piqued anticipations with this latest announcement. The group has awed fans all over the globe with their versatile musical style since their debut, having released back-to-back hit singles as well as equally spectacular mini-albums.

Moreover, even with their recently released mini-album Lived that featured their hit track “To Be Or Not To Be”, ONEUS spotlighted their multifold talents as they showcased their musical prowess through a wide range of musical spectra. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that expectations are running high for their upcoming comeback.


Meanwhile, excitements are undoubtedly soaring through the roof for ONEUS’ new release Devil which will be releasing on multiple music sources on January 19, 2021.

Source | Photo Credits: RBW Entertainment

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