ONF’s “Beautiful Beautiful” MV Surpasses 10 Million Views On YouTube

ONF’s “Beautiful Beautiful” MV Surpasses 10 Million Views On YouTube

Having recently awed fans with their ‘beautiful’ new song, ONF has achieved a striking feat for the same and this time on YouTube!

ONF made a stunning comeback with their first studio album ONF : My Name. While the sextet showcased their musical genius on the album with its eclectic mix of tunes, the title track especially made quite the dynamic impact.


The music video for the lead track “Beautiful Beautiful” has exceeded 10 million views on YouTube, making it the group’s fastest music video to attain the stellar feat.

The music video of ONF’s title song, which was released on February 24 exceeded 10 million views on YouTube 3 days after its release. This achievement is truly significant of the unstoppable growth of the group since their debut.

ONF’s track “Beautiful Beautiful” is a refreshing song that falls under the funky house genre. The song expresses the message of perceiving life as art and treating oneself as free and beautiful. Making the track even more spectacular is the fact that it is written and composed by producer Hwang Hyun of Monotree.


As soon as the track was released, it climbed to the top of major music charts, taking the top spot on Genie and positioning at No. 1 on Bugs. Additionally, it proved the popularity of ONF, as the group dominated the real-time trends on Twitter along with the songs from their latest album.

The music video for “Beautiful Beautiful” unfolds a story of young boys seeking freedom against the backdrop of time and space in the future. The clip is captivating thanks to its spellbinding visuals as well as the gorgeous cinematography reminiscent of a sci-fi flick.

Meanwhile, ONF will be seen promoting their tantalizing track “Beautiful Beautiful” and charming fans on various music shows.

Check out the magnetic MV for ONF’s “Beautiful Beautiful” Here:

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