Park Bo Gum Collaborates With Sam Kim For His Upcoming Single “All My Love”

Park Bo Gum Collaborates With Sam Kim For His Upcoming Single “All My Love”

Make way for this dynamic duo who are surely going to shake hearts with their epic collaboration!

Actor Park Bo Gum is all set to drop his sweet single “All My Love.” And while the artist has already got hearts racing with excitement, the anticipations have been amplified for the same as it has been revealed that Park Bo Gum collaborated with none other than singer Sam Kim  for the romantic number.

The song is a beautiful serenade by Park Bo Gum for his fans. Aligning with his debut anniversary, the actor will release the song on August 10 before he begins his mandatory military service from August 31. “All My Love” is a soft ballad with a warm and groovy melody and a romantic message saying that “I want to always give all my love and stay by your side so that you do not feel lonely.”


On August 9, Sam Kim’s agency’s Antenna Music disclosed that the musician participated in the production of “All My Love.” Being a fan of Sam Kim’s, Park Bo Gum himself requested the singer to collaborate with his on the song. Particularly, “All My Love” is a song that was chosen by both Sam Kim and Park Bo Gum after sampling its demo.

After finalizing the track, the duo put all of their heart and soul into it and brought Park Bo Gum’s vision to completion after about a year after their first meeting in 2019. Sam Kim participated in the production of, as well as composing, writing the English version, arranging as well as in the chorus of “All My Love.”

Source: TV Report

Images: Blossom Entertainment

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