Park Jihoon Delivers A Power-Packed “Message”

Park Jihoon Delivers A Power-Packed “Message”


Park Jihoon released his first full-length album Message. The sweet soloist showcases more of a sultry side all from some cool R&B tunes to refreshing dance numbers, that not only impress but also showcase his evolution as an artist.

Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon has been on the rise ever since he revealed his much-loved debut album O’Clock that released in March last year. He has only continued to showcase his growth with his music and energetic performances in his second and third mini-albums 360 and The W.

With this latest release, the alluring artist truly redefines versatility and with absolute finesse at that.


The tracks in the album include, “Waterfalls (Intro)” which opens the stunning album, it then straight away leads into the title track, “GOTCHA”. The other mellifluous songs on Message are, “Rolling”, “Whisper”, “Tomorrow” and “MayDay”.

Moreover, the album also sees various artists collaborating with Park Jihoon. PENOMECO features on a track titled “Hit It Off”, which he also wrote and composed. punchnello also appears on another track written and composed by PENOMECO called, “DRESS CODE”.

The other collaborations on the album include the tracks “50-50” that sees the participation of songstress EB and “Scenario” that features the dynamic duo Sweden Laundry.

Park Jihoon


The moment the electro bass comes into play in this track, you immediately know that you’re in for a musical treat with this album. This song flows with Park Jihoon’s low tones that commence this intriguing intro with the repetitive “Listen to my Message” that sounds hypnotic, to say the least.

The singer stuns with his crisp rap-like verses mid-way through this number as he keeps altering between subtle high registers to the aforementioned low toned “Listen to my Message” which makes for quite the delectable listening experience.

Moreover, we can’t help but commend Park Jihoon’s style of always setting the tone for his albums with his dynamic intros, be it, “The Beginning Of…” from his debut album O’Clock, the confident “I Am” from 360, showcasing that he is certainly “On the Rise” with The W and now with this “Waterfalls (Intro)” wherein he definitely sends a powerful Message, that he is here to stay and here to slay!


This track has certainly ‘got’ us grooving indeed!

“GOTCHA” is a song that creates quite a sultry yet dreamy ambiance thanks to its solid 808 bass and hip-hop trap based rhythm, that is lead by an EP tone with breezy Latin influences. Park Jihoon’s spine-tingling breathy notes complement this addictive rhythm which is only elevated with his smooth falsetto laced chorus.

The kind of heat that the vocalist brings with his low-toned rap verses with some flirty lyricism such as, “Oh you know that I can’t see anything but you/ It’s perfect from A to Z/ I already know the answer. You and me its All I wanna do/ I’m just being honest/ possessed I go/ Make it hot get more/ I’ll come to your side/ Get ready, Climax”. This is further backed by the track’s interesting rhythm which only adds to the innate ardor of the song.

Without a doubt, “GOTCHA” is a track that listeners have ‘got’ to listen to.

Park Jihoon


Produced by and featuring rapper PENOMECO, Park Jihoon’s “Hit It Off” tells a heartwarming story of first love, and combined with its catchy melody, it displayed a sweet and playful side of the singer himself. The heavy synth and bass beat give this track a chill vibe which mirrors the laidback singing style of both the versatile artists.

The lyricism of the track is an endearing expression of falling in love at first sight which is brought to life by the refreshing rap verses of PENOMECO and Park Jihoon’s bright melodies that harmonize to create a matchless synergy.

“Hit It Off” will undoubtedly ‘hit’ right in those feels and is one that will surely feel at home in listeners’ playlists and on loop at that!


“Rolling” has an air of nostalgia particularly due to its retro style drum and piano melody that only spotlights Park Jihoon’s sweet vocals. This is a number that is sure to shake hearts just as its lyricism suggests.

The track is like an endearing love confession as the singer expresses feelings of falling deeply in love that he even compares to being as sweet as chocolate icecream in this song.

One thing we can certainly state that with this track, Park Jihoon definitely makes us swoon with his ‘love’ly vocals and heart fluttering harmonies.

Park Jihoon

50-50 (FEAT. EB)

Right off the bat, we can truly state that “50-50” is more like 100/100!

The heavy R&B beat along with a booming synth bass really brings out the freshness of Park Jihoon’s soft yet strong vocal range. What’s more? The vocalist brings forth a beautiful blend of his and songstress EB’s delicate voice. This track is playful in its style and is quite the euphonious earworm that listeners won’t be able to get enough of.


Starting off with a subdued synth and drum beat featuring a prominent piano rhythm, Park Jihoon’s dulcet tunes carry an air of romance amidst the upbeat rhythm that is only furthered by punchnello’s solid lines in the catchy chorus.

Moreover, punchnello’s zesty rap verses that are backed by Park Jihoon’s lilting vocals create quite a beatific listening experience. “DRESS CODE” certainly showcases the best of both the multitalented artists. While the rapper exudes immense swag on this superchill track, Park Jihoon stirs with his airy voice as well as powerful high notes especially towards the end of the song.

“DRESS CODE” is fancy as it is fabulous especially in terms of its musical style.

Park Jihoon


Park Jihoon truly leaves us speechless on this saccharine number. “Whisper” sees the singer rock it out with his mellow high registers and subtle falsetto.

But the shining moment of the track certainly is during the chorus wherein Park Jihoon takes us into a dreamy world with his magical melodies, especially his layered breathy notes. And can we just talk about how flawless the vocalist sounds with his husky vocals during the bridge?

“Whisper” definitely carries with it a timeless appeal!


Talk about an all-round artist! Because that’s what Park Jihoon is and more and he proves that with this delightful number. “Tomorrow” sees the singer delving into more whisper-like husky notes which he balances with some subtle falsetto and high registers as he stuns one line after another.

The track talks about the feeling one gets being in love as he croons, “Time bends like a light/ Take me there/ You and I lead together my everything/ I’ll see you tomorrow again tomorrow/ You and me in there tomorrow/ Don’t cover yourself. Don’t hesitate/ I’m with you tonight.”

This is a track that listeners will have playing today and “tomorrow” and always!


This adorable piece sees Park Jihoon effortlessly harmonizing his vocals with the dynamic dup Sweden Laundry which is backed by a refreshing guitar and synth beat. This track is sweet as sweet can be and that is where its charm lies.

And if that wasn’t enough, add to it its lyricism that features candied lines such as, “You’re my the other half/ It’s fixed/ We’re already in that relationship/ You’re the sweetest part/ I want to have a happy ending with you”.

“Scenario” is impressive with its conceptualization which towards the second half of the track sees analog-style synths come into play to add to its overall dreaminess.


Last but certainly not least, serving as the perfect finale track to a perfect album is the track titled “Mayday”. This track is more relaxed and sees simple synth bass and EP rhythms taking the lead. The highlight of this song is definitely Park Jihoon himself.

We love his playful verses that bring out his innate charisma as he sings, “When I see you, I see MAYDAY MAYDAY/ Save me from falling in love with you/ Every day/ I feel like I’m special/ More than yesterday, more today/ I think tomorrow will be better/ Can you hear me, MAYDAY MAYDAY/ I’m sending a signal for you right now/ the most beautiful moon of the twelve colors before I knew it was you.”

Towards the end of the track, and the album itself, we certainly see why in the intro the talented idol avers “Here comes love like waterfalls”. Because it absolutely does! Each and every track flows with the emotions of love and giving life to it are the honeyed harmonies of Park Jihoon himself.

Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon really outdid himself on this mesmerizing album. “Message” showcases the multitalented musician’s mettle as he delves into experimental tunes that make a resounding statement.  

The singer stuns as he showcases a never-seen-before side of himself through the ten thunderous tracks which further proves that he is an ace artist indeed!


MAYs brace yourselves because Park Jihoon is here saying “gotcha” as he steals your breaths away.

Rocking a blond hairdo, the singer exudes charisma with his new look. Very different from his earlier concepts, the music video showcases the singer in a more mysterious and intense settings.  He shows off his sexy charms in various stills wherein he shines out with his visuals and mischievous smile and intense gaze in the dark setting with neon lights.

The music video sees Park Jihoon embracing the term “home fatale” as he exudes that with utmost élan and confidence. One definitely can’t tear away their eyes from his assertive charisma and we think it’s safe to state that the vocalist truly ‘got’ us with this smasher and we surely aren’t complaining!

Photo | Video Credits: Maroo Entertainment

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