Park Jihoon Gets Hearts Racing With His MV Teaser For “GOTCHA”

Park Jihoon Gets Hearts Racing With His MV Teaser For “GOTCHA”


Park Jihoon unveiled a breathtaking teaser for the title track for his upcoming album Message. The clip is captivating as the otherwise sweet singer goes down the sultry route and honestly? We’re SO here for it!

Exuding that bad boy persona with absolute finesse, the vocalist looked every bit the stunner in his edgy looks. In the snippet, Park Jihoon is seen handcuffed and being taken away, and for what crime one may wonder? Well, we think for stealing MAYs’ hearts! No, but honestly, the singer looks striking more so than ever as he stares intently into the lens, with a cheeky grin, looking devilishly handsome.

Park Jihoon showcases his dark side and we’re loving this shade on him. He certainly raises the excitements through the roof with this dynamic reveal indeed.

Recently, the alluring artist had furthered anticipations with the reveal of a music video of his pre-release track “Hit It Off“. The track features as well as is written and composed by PENOMECO. The video highlights Park Jihoon’s pristine visuals amidst the retro-themed, vibrant settings. Moreover, the addictive melody mirrors the trendy style of the video as well as spotlight’s the singer’s sweet and superlative vocals.

The lyricism of the track is equally heartwarming is an endearing expression of falling in love at first sight which is brought to life by the refreshing rap verses of PENOMECO and Park Jihoon’s bright melodies that harmonize to create a matchless synergy. There is no doubt that “Hit It Off” and “GOTCHA” are truly piquing curiosities for what sound styles the multitalented vocalist will bring forth with the upcoming comeback album.

Meanwhile, Park Jihoon will be releasing his full-length album Message on November 4 on multiple music sources. An online music showcase will be held on the same day as the album’s release as well.

Video Credits: Maroo Entertainment

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