Park Jihoon Gives A First Look Into His Upcoming Comeback Album “Message”

Park Jihoon Gives A First Look Into His Upcoming Comeback Album “Message”


Park Jihoon has raised the excitement and taken it to the next level after he posted a coming-soon poster on his official SNS. In the released image, the singer’s first full album title Message and the release date were unveiled.

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Along with this, the poster also only showcases part of the sweet soloist’s face in monochrome which is certainly sparking interests about the concept and visual that will be seen in the upcoming album.

Additionally, it featured a description of the word “message”, which says “a verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly. A significant point or central theme, especially one that political, social, or moral importance.”

This new album comes six months after the release of Park Jihoon’s third mini-album The W in May. This is the singer’s the first full-length album after his solo debut as well.

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Park Jihoon has been on the rise ever since he revealed his much loved debut album O’Clock that released in March last year. He has only continued to showcase his growth with his music and energetic performances in his second and third mini-albums 360 and The W.

In addition to this, the multitalented musician has charmed fans with his stunning visuals through his ace acting skills as well. He has shown his impressive acting chops in the dramas Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency and Love Revolution.


Curiosities are certainly piqued for what style Park Jihoon will be embodying with the first full album Message. The vocalist is expected to have worked with top notch produces to ensure some high octane and high-quality songs.

Meanwhile, Park Jihoon’s first full-length album Message will be released on November 4 at 6 PM KST through various sound source sites.

Source: SPOTV News

Photo Credits: Maroo Entertainment

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