Park Jihoon Mesmerizes With The OST Track For “Love Revolution” Titled “Midnight”

Park Jihoon Mesmerizes With The OST Track For “Love Revolution” Titled “Midnight”

Park Jihoon delights with his dulcet tones as he reveals an outstanding OST track for Love Revolution!

Park Jihoon charms as Gong Ju Young in the series Love Revolution. And adding to his innate charisma, the singer revealed an OST track for the drama. This is the first time the singer-actor has participated in an OST.

Solidifying his position as an all-around entertainer, the sweet vocalist unveiled a track called “Midnight”. Revealing a music video for the same, it showcases some very endearing stills from the drama.

The song talks about realizing your feelings for someone as thoughts of them come to you around midnight. This is expressed in lines such as,

Your name that I’ve called so many times
It’s only now that I miss you.
I’m sorry to let you go.
I’ve been hanging around for a long time.
Why do I think about it now?

Midnight Midnight Midnight
Why do I remember now?

While the lyricism is heartening, what adds to its magical vibe is Park Jihoon himself. The multitalented singer serenades with his saccharine vocals amidst a pop melody. One thing that is certain is that with this track, the alluring artist will definitely make listeners swoon with his dreamy vocals and heart fluttering harmonies. With the release of the OST it showcases that, singing, dancing, acting, there is nothing that Park Jihoon cannot do and that, he is the epitome of the term ‘versatile’ indeed!

Park Jihoon

Kakao TV’s original drama Love Revolution has been gaining popularity by capturing the essence of teenage love, friendship, and dreams in a realistic way that fits the sensitivity of the times. It is based on a popular webtoon on Naver Webtoon by author 232 and has a rating of 9.9 points.

The drama is a romantic comedy that plays out in a high school setting. With Gong Joo Young being the focus of the story, it shows his unwavering determination to win Wang Ja Rim’s heart and the series of events leading up to it. It airs every Thursday and Sunday at 5 PM KST through Kakao TV and Naver Series On.

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