Park Jihoon Reveals A Striking Track List For His Upcoming Album “Message”

Park Jihoon Reveals A Striking Track List For His Upcoming Album “Message”


Park Jihoon unveiled an exciting track list for his upcoming first full length album titled Message on his official SNS. The album will be featuring 10 awesome tracks in total, including some spectacular collaborations as well.


The tracks in the album include, “Waterfalls (Intro)” which opens the stunning album, it then straight away leads into the title track, “GOTCHA”. The other mellifluous songs on Message are, “Rolling”, “Whisper”, “Tomorrow” and “MayDay”.

Moreover, the album will see various artists collaborating with Park Jihoon. PENOMECO will be featuring on a track titled “Hit It Off”, which he also wrote and composed. punchnello will also be appearing on another track written and composed by PENOMECO called, “DRESS CODE”.

The other collaborations on the album include on the tracks “50-50” that will see the participation of songstress EB and “Scenario” that will feature the dynamic duo Sweden Laundry.

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The track list has piqued curiosities for what styles and genres Park Jihoon will showcase in his upcoming comeback album.

Besides this, the sweet vocalist will now gear up to unveil a prepossessing prologue art film on October 22. He will then captivate with a concept preview poster on October 23 that will lead to a concept trailer on October 26.

From October 27 to October 29, Park Jihoon will make fans swoon as he will be revealing his multifold charms through three sets of concept photos. A special track video will be releasing on October 30. The multitalented singer will then mesmerize with a music video teaser on November 2.

Fans will then be treated to a glimpse into the highly anticipated album with the release of a high-octane highlight medley on November 3.

Meanwhile, Park Jihoon will be releasing his full length album Message on November 4 on multiple music sources. An online music showcase will be held on the same day as the album’s release as well.

Photo Credits: Maroo Entertainment

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