Park Jihoon Unveils A Prepossessing Prologue Art Film

Park Jihoon Unveils A Prepossessing Prologue Art Film


Park Jihoon released an aesthetic prologue art film for his upcoming and much awaited full length album Message. In the clip, the alluring artist’s matchless charisma is highlighted amidst the vibrant setting.

The video is a everything heartwarming and cute and is sure to make MAYs smile. The artist is seen rocking blonde hair and an oversized sweatshirt as he sits in a record shop and admires the vinyl. The words “Love is the message” flash on the screen as the video shows various stills of the vocalist in the bright hued backdrop.

Moreover, the pastel colors of the set and the props such as the pink phone along with the singer’s look are all in line with the message and what add to the video’s soft and dreamy vibe. The film certainly raises excitements for what’s to come with the upcoming album.

park jihoon

Besides this, the singer recently unveiled an awe-inspiring track list that revealed the inclusion of 10 whole tracks featuring several notable artists, namely, PENOMECO, punchnello, EB and Sweden Laundry.

Furthermore, a concept preview poster will be unveiled tomorrow that will that will lead to a concept trailer on October 26. Both, which will give a more in-depth glimpse into the overall theme of the album itself.

Later, from October 27 to October 29, Park Jihoon will steal hearts with his captivating visuals through three sets of concept photos. A stunning special track video on October 30. The singer will then mesmerize with a music video teaser on November 2. He will then make fans swoon to his sweet tunes in a high-octane highlight medley on November 3.

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Meanwhile, Park Jihoon will be releasing his full length album Message on November 4 on multiple music sources. An online music showcase will be held on the same day as the album’s release as well.

Video | Photo Credits: Maroo Entertainment

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