Penomeco Unveils New Album After Joining As New Artist Under P Nation

Penomeco Unveils New Album After Joining As New Artist Under P Nation

Penomeco has been revealed as the new artist under Psy’s label P Nation. What’s more? To celebrate it, he dropped some melodious new tunes as well!

Singer-songwriter Penomeco has a fresh start as it has been officially announced that he is the new artist under Psy’s P Nation.

To add to the excitement, the soloist dropped his first release under the label. He unraveled his EP titled Dry Flower and along with it, the music video for the album’s title track “JAJA”.

Penomeco describes his new album as one that explores emotions of love that mature with time, through charming sounds. Moreover, adding to the allure of the album is the participation of various musicians such as Verbal Jint, Hoody, Kid Milli, and sogumm to name a few.

The title track “JAJA” features a sensational electro pop melody and beat unique to Penomeco. The lighthearted love song certainly spotlights the artist’s striking vocals in a refreshing way.

The music video for the same reflects the breezy vibe of the track. Penomeco looks suave amidst a futuristic style backdrop. The video includes a lot of AI elements that elevate the charm of the cinematography of the clip overall.

Moreover, drawing the attention of fans was the appearance of actress Kim Hyang Gi who takes breaths away with her graceful visuals. The song’s appeal was maximized by the synergy of Penomeco’s sensibility and Kim Hyang Gi’s ace acting skills.

Besides “JAJA”, the album Dry Flower sees the inclusion of nine other mellifluent tracks. The songs highlight Penomeco’s unparalleled musical sensibilities in a sublime way.

Meanwhile, Penomeco has unquestionably raised anticipations for what’s to come in the future. Are you looking forward to some cool music by this multitalented musician under P Nation?

Listen To & Add Penomeco’s latest album Dry Flower here:

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