🌼 #OurEternalDaisyKino : Celebrating The Charismatic Kino 🌼

🌼 #OurEternalDaisyKino : Celebrating The Charismatic Kino 🌼

Charming, creative, and cool – yes, we’re talking about none other than PENTAGON’s ever-stylish and super talented king Kino indeed!

PENTAGON’s Kino has already established himself as a super performer, but what makes him really stand out is his multitude of creative talents which reaffirm his popularity and love among his fans.


Be it singing, dancing, art, composing, and producing there is nothing that this handsome idol can’t do. He does it all and more effortlessly and with perfection, to say the least!

A multitalented musician

The charming vocalist has captivated fans with his stunning visuals and sweet yet strong vocals in every song he has sung for PENTAGON. However, he has also warmed hearts with his honeyed voice with some very riveting covers and solo Soundcloud releases.

Unordinary Sunday, Kino – Poison

The single titled “Poison” is a song that contains the feelings of someone who knows that the other person’s existence is harmful to them and yet choose to be with them anyway. The track features a piano and guitar rhythm backed with synth bass that perfectly complements Kino’s sweet-sounding vocals that enrapture to state the least.

It surely wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the PENTAGON member sounds like an absolute dream with his mellow harmonies. Kino captivates with his innate charm that is further reflective in his soothing vocals.

HUI & KINO – “La Di Da”

Written, composed, and arranged by Kino, “La Di Da” featuring PENTAGON’s supercool leader Hui, is a breezy number. The track’s tropical, dance-pop beats backing the two singers’ mellifluous voices, brings forth a fun summer vibe.

Moreover, its lyricism only emphasizes the same as they sing, “After the flowery spring’s twilight passes/ A midsummer night’s dream blooms/ I’m singing my love until our last day/ We’ll sing it together,” talking about the love and dream that bloom on a cool midsummer night.


You know when you’re hit with those tranquil guitar riffs and Kino’s dulcet vocals, you’re in for a musical treat. Spotlighting his musical genius as a composer and producer yet again, the vocalist stuns one verse after another.

Through the track, listeners are treated to breathtaking breathy verses and a dreamy melody as the singer passionately croons about love and heartbreak.


Delighting with delicate falsettos, airy notes, and not to mention, striking visuals complementing the same, Kino reveals yet another riveting self-composition in the form of “Lonely”.

Kino truly impresses with his euphonious voice, however, he stuns with his soft rap verse wherein he expresses, “In the darkness where everything stopped/ I’ll send my echo to you, you who can’t be reached/ When I think of you, who left, my eyes become so blurry/ When I turn off the light, my heart turns dark too”. 

Fools by Troye Sivan

One of his most iconic performances on Pentagon Maker, Kino’s rendition of this hit English number established the fact loud and clear that he is a force to reckon with and deserves to be a part of PENTAGON!

The performance shows his passion for music since the beginning and the amount of hard work he puts into delivering his best. Singing the English lyrics clearly, his nuances and voice manage to bring out the theme and feel of the song in an extremely stunning way.

Everyday by Winner

One of the most adorable covers out there! His cover of this track is sure to brighten anyone’s day ‘everyday’!

He covers each part with ease and showcases his singing and rap talents with absolute finesse while also effortlessly livening up the atmosphere with his charms and performance!

Spring Day by BTS

Lending his unique touch to this chart-topping hit “Spring Day” by BTS, Kino’s dreamy vocals truly accompany the soft beats and lyrics of this cover. Merging beautifully with the melody, his voice lends a certain calmness and warmth to the track as he hits each note with perfection.

Additionally, he has shown that he is equally talented as a rapper on various tracks time and again which simply shows how versatile and adaptable he is as an artist.

Dynamic Dance Machine

Kino is also known as the Dancing Machine due to his dynamic and suave moves. Whether it is a live performance, dance practice, or an appearance on a talk show, TikToks, or covers, the second in charge of PENTAGON’s love and dedication towards his art is evident with every move.

Speaking of which, the singer certainly hadn’t prepared UNIVERSE (us included!) for this lethal performance.

Teaming up with fellow PENTAGON member Yeo One, Kino dazzled as he put together a fiery stage, bringing forth a powerful dance cover of none other than the dance king himself, Taemin’s much-loved track “Move”.

Besides this, the amazing artist has not only ‘shine’d with his bedazzling choreographies on many (read: all) PENTAGON’s tracks, but also on some compelling dance covers.

Take, for example, this absolutely FIRE cover of Chris Brown’s sensual number “No Guidance”.

Kino certainly had temperatures soaring through the roof as he surely made jaws drop with his sultry look and equally magnetic moves.

These are only but a few instances of the many wherein the beguiling idol has reigned over hearts, one step at a time, like the true dancing king he is!

The Epitome Of Versatility

Kino’s prowess as a musician has been amplified and reflected with his various compositions and songwriting accomplishments. The alluring artist is credited with contributing to the lyrics and production of over 15 songs for his group including “Young”, “Beautiful Goodbye”, “Violet”, “Spring Snow”, “Happiness”, and “Paradise” among others.

However, the sweet star has shown his gratitude for his success to his beloved fans and has further revealed that more times than one – all from penning down thoughtful messages to dedicating heartwarming tracks (“Eternal Flame” anyone?) – Kino has expressed that all that he does in this Universe is for UNIVERSE!


The talented idol truly lives up to the concept of “being an idol” as his personality, talents, and achievements make him one of the perfect youth icons today.

🎂We wish the super talented Kino a happy birthday and look forward to seeing him wear new creative hats and achieve new feats in his journey ahead. 🎂

Photo | Video Credits: CUBE Entertainment

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