PENTAGON Reveals Riveting Rhythms With “WE:TH”

PENTAGON Reveals Riveting Rhythms With “WE:TH”


PENTAGON released their 10th mini album WE:TH. The title combines words “WE” and “TH,” which holds a heartwarming meaning at its core. The album sets out to capture all the moments and emotions that “WE feel while living TOGETHER”.


With this latest release, PENTAGON truly captivates and solidifies their position as a powerhouse group as they bring forward versatility through their diverse musical range. The group leave no stone unturned to mesmerizes listeners with their stories that they relay through their mellifluous tunes and they do it with absolute élan.

First Impressions

PENTAGON delivers perfection in the form of their new album WE:TH. Containing an eclectic mix of tunes from rock, electro pop to ballad, WE:TH impresses with its authenticity as with its aesthetics. Each of the tracks highlight the members’ musical capabilities in the most breathtaking manner and ensures a delightful listening experience thanks to their elegant euphonies.


This alternative rock track is impressive with its heart thumping harmonies and overall style. What starts off as a soft number with Hui’s sweet vocals, it quickly transitions into a more bold and electrifying tone that packs a resounding punch.

“Daisy” is a song that will definitely leave listeners awestruck mainly because of the stunning synergy of the members – Wooseok and Yuto make a dynamic statement with their rap verses, Hui, Hongseok stun with their saccharine vocals and perfect falsettos while Yeo One, Yanan, Shinwon and Kino harmonize their vocals in a spectacular way as their high notes, airy tones and subtle low notes create a stirring texture that adds to the overall addictive melody.

This song may be a break up track but it is certainly one that listeners will not be able to break away from!

Beautiful Goodbye

“Beautiful Goodbye” is more upbeat in its sound style with an electro-pop base to it backed by guitars and bass. The lyricism is heartfelt as the lines are an expression of having loved and lost yet retaining the beautiful memories made together even after a breakup.

There are multiple stand out moments in this track such as the pre-chorus back and forth between Shinwon and Yanan and Hui and Wooseok. Moreover, both Wooseok and Yuto steal the show with their rap verses that give the otherwise serene track a fierce intensity. Hongseok and Kino on the other hand, bring forth a sense of delicacy with their dulcet vocals. Overall, this is certainly a ‘beautiful’ track to say the least.



The title of the track is pretty self explanatory as to what message it aims to relay with its stirring lyricism. “Nostalgia” whose Korean title means both “That Year That Month That Day” and “That Sun That Moon That Day”, takes listeners on a trip down memory lane. The track expresses the emotions one feels when they revisit a memory from the past.

The melody itself on this smooth number sounds pretty nostalgic if you will, with its lilting guitar riffs and soft bass beat. The members all create this effortless harmony with their vocals that just flows. This is undoubtedly a song that will express sentimentality albeit with a dash of sweetness.

You Like

The song is an absolute banger especially with how it pleasantly surprises in its musical style. Hui leads the track with his warm vocals backed by a bright piano melody – that is, until he coughs.

The sweet melody suddenly alters into an intense hip-hop beat as Wooseok’s impassioned rap verses take over. The chorus led by Shinwon, Kino, Yanan, Hui, Honseok and Yeo One give the track an air of suaveness while Yuto amazes with his low toned rap verse towards the end of the track. “You Like” is a track that listeners will not juts ‘like’, but love!



This track is super fun to put it simply with its old-school electro-pop beat which, when backed by the members high powered vocals, give this track a zestful vibe. The heavy bass layered with the melody makes for a heart thumping listening experience.

What’s more? Wooseok and Yuto’s rap verses add a refreshing twist to this party anthem of sorts. The bridge is addictive with Kino, Yeo One and Hui harmonizing their vocals in the most divine way possible. “Paradise” is a heavenly track that listeners surely won’t be able to get enough of!

I’m Here (CD-Only)

“I’m Here” is a soulful song that spotlights Jinho’s honeyed voice against the soft piano melody as he sings lines such as, “Remember that sunny day we drew holding hands together/ In that day, we’re gonna laugh as hard as we can/ We’re afraid of all the hardships we’ve encountered. we’ve stopped for a while/ Don’t worry, I believe in you, I’m here for you.”

This heartwarming CD-exclusive is member Jinho’s solo track that is also written and composed by him. The track is a special number that according to Hui, Jinho recorded without any of the members knowing.

WE:TH is testament to PENTAGON’s mettle as multitalented artists from having written and composed each track on this album. The album truly accents the visionary perspectives of the group in the most sterling style. 


Music Video Musings

PENTAGON dazzles with “Daisy” as they leave viewers wonderstruck with their breathtaking looks. The group channels a raw and passionate energy with their edgy looks in the music video.

The video brilliantly showcases the theme and essence of the song. Each member is shown to be battling these dark emotions in dark places. The individual spaces are distinctly dark and morose yet they are connected by the single emotion of betrayal and heartbreak.

The members brilliantly showcase these emotions not just through the song and its lyrics, but also visually, thereby delivering a wholesome masterpiece to the audiences.

Photo | Video Credits: Cube Entertainment

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